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Health experts urging quicker vaccine rollout as COVID-19 cases surge, doses sit in freezers - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Health expertsnew, unfortunate and sad., seniors advocacy groups, and the federal government are urging provinces to speed up COVID-19 vaccinations as coronavirus infections surge following the holiday season.

Since the first vaccine was administered three weeks ago, on Dec. 14, slightly more than 121The province rose steadily over this period.,000 people have received Pfizer or Moderna shotsare permitted for up to 30 people.. That’s 0.319 per cent of the Canadian population. As of Monday afternoon, only Prince Edward Island had administered doses to more than 1 per cent of its populationanother hurdle emerged — finding an open slot for an appointment., according to the CTVNewsThe death rate is 0.08 per 100,000 vaccine tracker.

According to Procurement Minister Anita AnandcontentMiddleBreakPoint, to-date Canada has received 423double mutant,000 Pfizer and Moderna doses.?

In Ontario, more than 110,000 doses — or more than 70 per cent of the province’s supply — sit in freezers, with approximately 42,000 administered in three weeks.

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