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Why did brother Shen choose to join windows and doors when the wallpaper business was good? Brother Shen shared his joining experience with several scenes

"I have an appointment with the manager of xinmuyuan today, are you together?"

"I have something on hand, tomorrow!"

this short dialogue is the foreshadowing of Shen Ge joining the representative of beipai doors and windows - xinmuyuan. This deep brother is a wallpaper dealer from Shijiazhuang. He is forthright and enthusiastic. Those who call him "President Liu" should always be corrected to "deep brother". The good business performance of the store depends on the accumulated interpersonal relationships

then why did brother Shen choose to join windows and doors when the wallpaper business was good? Brother Shen shared his joining experience with several scenes

scenario 1: meet the headquarters

make an appointment one day later, but still get the understanding and understanding of xinmuyuan. When brother Shen and his friends arrived at xinmuyuan headquarters, the receptionist was Mr. Wu Weiyun, the general manager. After a brief introduction, manager Wu led them to visit the working area and plant, and made a brief introduction

according to manager Wu, at present, Shandong Huada door and window curtain wall Co., Ltd. integrates the design, R & D, production, sales and installation of energy-saving doors and windows and curtain walls, and mainly undertakes projects such as aluminum alloy doors and windows, aluminum wood composite doors and windows, solid wood doors and windows, curtain walls and aluminum profile deep processing. The main product series include "EOSs" system doors and windows, "new wood edge" aluminum wood doors and windows, "new wood edge" sunshine room, "home Baili" energy-saving doors and windows, etc

"What you see now is just a door and window processing base in Shandong. In addition to this base, there are two other bases - Guangdong and Southeast Asia, with an annual production and processing capacity of 1.5 million square meters. Our products of xinmuyuan are also sold to domestic and foreign markets, including more than 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in the country, and exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as the United States, France, Britain, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Denmark, etc. Therefore, we are also in the equipment industry A complete set of Italian SCM aluminum wood door and window processing center, imported mold cutting tools and control system from Europe are introduced. At the same time, in order to meet the current environmental protection needs, we also have a 4000 square meter vertical circulating rotary 'water-based paint' equipment system. "

with such complete and advanced equipment, how about the R & D strength? This is also the problem that brother Shen is most concerned about. In brother Shen's words, that is, "soft power is the core competitiveness, so that we can better deal with people and business can flourish."

"we also know the importance of R & D, so we have established a national laboratory and a provincial technology research and development center in xinmuyuan. At present, we have obtained more than 500 national patents. In addition, we have also participated in the formulation and revision of more than a dozen national, industrial and local standards such as aluminum and aluminum alloy terminology."

"more than 500 patents?!" Hearing manager Wu's introduction, brother Shen was instantly convinced

scenario 2: after visiting the headquarters, brother Shen had a good impression of xinmuyuan, but how to really implement the strength of the headquarters to the dealer stores? Just a few days later, the 22nd China Construction Expo will be held. The headquarters team of xinmuyuan will come to the site to promote and attract investment, so manager Wu made an appointment with brother Shen to visit and communicate with the stores of dealers in Hangzhou

brother Shen is very satisfied with this suggestion, because it is a good way to understand the development of a brand from different channels

after arriving at the dealer's store in Hangzhou, the reception was general manager Shen, the dealer in Hangzhou. The store area was 120 square meters. The team was composed of 12 people, including 1 technician, 5 shopping guides, and 6 installers

"In fact, before joining xinmuyuan, I just had a second child, which was a little stressful. Later, I realized through my friends that xinmuyuan, in addition to the quality products and high-quality services you can also feel, the headquarters also specially sent special personnel to help with the preliminary work. After opening the store, product marketing knowledge training support, business management support, regional promotion promotional materials support, headquarters online promotion/regional promotion support, after-sales service technical support Yes, it also includes the exclusive distribution support of regional brands and the advertising support of the media. I'm really moved, so I'm also more competitive. So far, the engineering order I received is that our xinmuyuan is among the best! " When President Shen introduced him to brother Shen, his face was filled with pride that could not be concealed

"considerate dealer support service" makes brother Shen have a deeper impression on xinmuyuan. However, should wallpaper give up and choose to change careers? Brother Shen decided to go home and think it over again

scenario 3: store opening guidance

"keep the wallpaper business and open another store to make a new wooden edge." This is the loyal advice given by brother Shen's friends. In fact, brother Shen finally decided so

go through the franchise procedures, and after some training, the store opened. With his own experience, brother Shen quickly recruited relevant personnel. The headquarters sent special personnel to train employees, so that employees can quickly understand the knowledge of the door and window industry, the professional knowledge of xinmuyuan doors and windows and marketing methods, so as to better serve consumers. As for the store opening activities, xinmuyuan headquarters also sent special personnel to Shenge's store to assist in planning and guide the store

"brother Shen, the quality of these products looks very good, especially this lbm125 window screen integrated series."

"yes, this series of products adopts aluminum clad wood series profiles in the room, which integrates the advantages of aluminum alloy windows and wood windows, and further realizes the design concept of windows and yarns. It can be said that aluminum clad wood and anti-theft window screens are perfectly combined. Anti theft screen windows use high-quality 304 stainless steel mesh, and the hardness of gold steel mesh is good. Whether it is fixed on the wall or on the window, it has good enough acceptance,..." Facing the praise of regular customers, brother Shen began to talk about products

from acquaintance to fanaticism, it is the portrayal of brother Shen joining xinmuyuan. With the professional guidance and quality assurance of the headquarters, coupled with the years of business experience of Shenzhen brother, this new muyuan store is booming. So the question is, if you are brother Shen, will you join xinmuyuan

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