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Now, we are familiar with the word smart home. From smart single products to smart home system to all IOT ecosystems, smart home is leading a new transformation of the day. The blue ocean of smart home has also become a battleground for many door and window companies. However, for many people, smart home is only an empty concept, and many people will find it difficult to explain and understand what smart home is. Therefore, door and window home companies should first figure out what smart home is

smart home is primarily the embodiment of IOT under the influence of the Internet. It can be defined as a process or a system, which belongs to a branch of intelligent wearable devices. It is an efficient, comfortable, safe, convenient and environment-friendly living environment that integrates architecture, network communication, information appliances, equipment automation, collective system, structure, service and processing. In the era of Internet of things, smart home can be understood as a more messy, infinite and systematic smart home system. With the help of the integration of bus, wireless and other communication skills, all kinds of products with intelligence and monitoring can end interconnection and interaction with the help of system path, and bring a convenient smart day method to users. So what are the aspects of smart home

first of all, the intelligent induction control of the switch system

the intelligent induction of the switch is the primary way to build today's home environment. The presentation of smart doors and windows adds a touch of mysterious color to the day of home characteristics. It first changes the traditional switch through the intelligent switch, and then ends the induction control of the home doors and windows, and can invent any ambient air switch scene, such as sleeping mute method, going out to work monitoring method, etc. When you go out or work overtime, the doors and windows will actively adjust to the corresponding methods. In addition, the intelligent door and window control system will actively adjust the indoor air freshness according to the external climate throughout the day, and actively adjust the room ventilation according to different time periods throughout the day

secondly, access to network information anytime and anywhere and arbitrary all-round control

with the continuous development and improvement of Internet of things skills, the scope of traditional smart home has been further expanded. The smart home system is on the broadband path of telecommunications, and it can control the camera in the home for a long distance through IE or mobile phone, and then end the long-distance visit. In addition, residents can also control household appliances through Internet Explorer, smart phones, wearable devices, etc. The mobile Internet allows users to obtain and communicate messages at any address at any time. Similarly, the smart home networking of Guanhao doors and windows, especially the integration of all visual audio-visual systems, allows users to enjoy the Internet information world anytime and anywhere. Smart doors and windows connect to the Internet, ending the omni-directional control anytime, anywhere. And according to the detailed day scene, the leisure conversion cooperation effect, so that the home day feels more pleasant

after all, a comprehensive intelligent security system

residential security has always been the key we attach importance to. Intelligent security is not only the primary component of smart home, but also the primary request of residents for smart home system. Intelligent security mainly refers to that smart home forms a three-dimensional defense system through various security detectors in the security system (such as smoke detector, mobile exploration, glass crushing exploration, door magnet, etc.) and access control, visual intercom, monitoring record, etc. For example, the visual intercom can be used to query the visitors well, and then confirm that they all open the door remotely. When encountering risks or detecting potential risks, the alarm system will actively send the alarm information to the community property, and send the alarm information to users by phone or SMS. The intelligent security system used in collaboration with wearable devices will end the intelligence and security of intelligent security to a greater extent

in recent years, the smart home industry has been bustling. Even traditional doors and windows and other manufacturing industries are gradually planning to enter the smart home industry. Therefore, knowing the concept of smart home is the condition to test the scope of smart home. How to contact the cost of door and window companies to speed up the implementation of skills and improve user experience is a key link for home players to win the smart qualifier. Together, how to truly draw the distance between consumers and smart homes with windows and doors is also an urgent question to be solved in the process of smart landing. According to these three processes, I believe that in the near future, door and window smart home can gradually enter the ordinary life of thousands of people





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