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The KTV entertainment center, Japanese and Korean restaurants and hotel lobby projects of the new Dongcheng international hotel designed and constructed by China's leading brand of whole wood customized home furnishings, mustard, have been completed, demonstrating the strength of mustard brand's large-scale project of assembling high-end business places

as of the beginning of April, the decoration project of Dongguan five-star hotel - xindongcheng international hotel has been basically completed and has entered the stage of full operation. The woodwork projects of the KTV entertainment center of the new Dongcheng International Hotel, the Japanese and Korean restaurants, the hotel lobby and some floors, designed and constructed by the leading brand of China's whole wood customized home furnishings, have been completed on schedule and according to quality, demonstrating the strength of the large-scale project of the brand of Musite to decorate high-end business places

Dongguan new Dongcheng international hotel is a five-star high-end boutique business hotel in Dongguan, the "manufacturing capital of the world". New Dongcheng international hotel is located in the central business circle of Dongguan new city, adjacent to the beautiful Qifeng mountain. Within a five minute drive, there are good places to eat, drink, visit, play and buy, such as Fengjing golf course, Dongcheng cultural center, Dongcheng square, yonghuating food street, Xinghe City, pedestrian street, etc. It is only a ten minute drive from Dongguan Convention and Exhibition Center, the fountain square of the municipal government, the opera house and the museum

Dongguan new Dongcheng international hotel has hundreds of guest rooms (sets) with fashionable decoration and elegant taste, and specially has Japanese and duplex floors, women's rooms, Garden Suites, etc. The western restaurant, Chinese restaurant, Japanese and Korean restaurant of the hotel provide guests with authentic global cuisine; It also provides fitness center, chess and card room, billiard room, tennis room, table tennis room, outdoor swimming pool, sauna bathroom, social dance hall, karaoke hall and other leisure and entertainment places. "Create the charm of fashion culture and pursue professional and attentive services ", is the consistent belief of Dongcheng international hotel.

the maple leaf Japanese and Korean cuisine restaurant of Dongguan new Dongcheng international hotel is a restaurant designed and constructed by muster, which condenses the classic elements of Japanese and Korean style according to the requirements of the designer. It takes logs as the main material, highlights the color and natural wood grain of logs, and combines the characteristics of muster itself to create a simple, natural, quiet and Zen space To provide a good place for Chinese and foreign guests and Dongguan citizens to eat and relax

the KTV entertainment center of the new Dongcheng international hotel is an image project built for the hotel by musit whole wood furniture, which includes dozens of large hotels Medium Small KTV rooms, discos, bars, coffee bars and other leisure and entertainment places

thank customers for their trust in muster, and hand over the overall woodwork project of the five-star hotel to us for design and construction

woodwork decoration in other spaces (I won't list them one by one due to limited space):

for those who have always adhered to Munster and all those who support and trust Munster, outstanding products are the best feedback - "always make your own products", which is also the responsibility and mission of Munster as a benchmark enterprise in China's whole wood custom home furnishing industry

be grateful for all the encounters in life and the sincere company of all people. In the future, muster will continue to forge ahead with gratitude and offer more outstanding classics to the Chinese people




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