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At present, friends of home decoration may pay attention to the decoration of the family, and they may not care too much about problems such as water and electricity. On the one hand, because the house has been decorated when you buy it, only the problem of how to decorate the home is left. On the other hand, you don't pay much attention to this aspect and think that the focus should be on how to decorate the home

personally, I don't think so. The primary consideration of family decoration is practicality, and the second is beautification and layout. Otherwise, the roof will leak and the circuit will be short circuited. No matter how well you beautify it, it will become a mess

here I mainly talk about the purchase of home information box in home wiring. The family information box, which can also be called the family weak current box, I won't say the professional explanation. To put it more popularly, it is the collection box of all general lines except wires. The wires here refer to strong electricity, that is, the family standard 220 volt wires, such as electric lights, household appliances and other wires. The rest is the so-called weak current, that is, the line that can meet the operation of the equipment at about 36 volts, such as the network switch dedicated to computers, the telephone switch dedicated to telephone extensions, etc. These are the equipment that can operate at 36 volts, and they are the necessary equipment for modern household life

the main function of the home information box is to centralize the weak current management of all rooms. It contains different modules, such as the branching device of cable TV, which can branch a cable TV line into fourorfive and distribute it to different rooms without affecting its transmission performance. Commonly used modules generally include cable TV branch, telephone branch, network hub, etc

before choosing a home information box, you can choose according to your own needs. How many phones do you need at home? Do you need shielding function? How many TVs? How many computers are there? Whether all of them need to go online, etc. Some high-end families may also consider the background music of the room, home security system, water and electricity automatic meter reading system, etc. After everything is settled, it is necessary to consider the following aspects:

the first thing to determine is whether the information box is installed openly or secretly? The exposed information box will expose the whole box outside the wall, which takes up space and is not beautiful. It is recommended to use concealed installation, that is, bury the box inside the wall and only expose the panel. But the concealed installation needs to pay attention to a problem, that is, how big is the specification of the box you buy? If the thickness of the box is more than 90mm, then the thickness of your wall should be considered. If the thickness of the wall is 12cm, it cannot be concealed. Here is a simple explanation. If the wall thickness is 12cm, 8cm is the brick, and the remaining 6cm is the ash on both sides of the brick, and the ash can't stick on the metal and plastic. Therefore, if the wall thickness at home is only 12cm, you can only consider the information box of the surface mounted series. However, at present, the thickness of the main wall of most buildings is 18cm ~ 24cm, so ordinary users don't have to worry about this problem. What they need to worry about is the purchase of boxes. Personally, I think the products of jiayitong are quite good and meet this requirement. Compared with the products of Putian Hongyan, the cost performance is still good

the second is to determine the problems of each module in the information box. Here you must be familiar with the functions of each module. Here I don't intend to introduce the functions of the modules one by one, but just list the commonly used modules and their purchase guide

(1) cable TV module: This module is commonly used by families. Its function is to divide a cable TV inlet into several outlets and distribute them to different places. Individuals can watch their favorite programs without interfering with others. Everyone knows this module, so I won't say more, but it should be noted that now digital TV is also becoming popular, so we need to consider whether it has the upgrade function

(2) telephone branch module: This module is also commonly used in ordinary families. A family's telephone is generally a number of extensions, and several extensions can answer at the same time. This module is also widely known, so I won't say more, but here also involves a part of the telephone shielding function, but ordinary families don't require the telephone to be shielded

(3) computer network distribution module: some people may not know this module very well, so I will focus on this module here. First of all, the modules on the market can be divided into three categories: information port module, hub/switch and router. I don't use professional terms to explain here, just some popular understanding

the information port module is mainly responsible for designing the computer in the family as a local area network. At the same time, only one computer can access the Internet. Personally, I feel that the function of children's access to the Internet is a little limited. Because the hub/switch has the same principle, I fall into the same category. In short, it can share the Internet, and several computers can access the Internet at the same time. The difference is that the hub is “ According to work, the switch is fully shared. For example, the same hub and switch provide 10m bandwidth, and five computers are connected at the same time, so the hub allocates 2m bandwidth to each computer, while the switch allocates 10m bandwidth

routers, also known as IP sharers, enable several computers to share an IP address, that is, by pulling a broadband, several computers can share the Internet at the same time. Also mentioned here is some attention in wiring. The computer network cable is larger than the ordinary twisted pair cable. If four or five network cables are to be laid, the ordinary PVC plastic pipe cannot be satisfied. It is recommended to use metal, and the radius should be larger than the ordinary PVC plastic pipe





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