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On September 20, 2012, the sixth session of the eighth Standing Council of Shenzhen packaging industry association was held in the conference room of Shenzhen meiyingsen Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (Dongguan new plant). More than 50 representatives from units above the standing director level and some members attended the meeting. Honorary Presidents hushaonan and liqiuguang attended the meeting, which was presided over by Secretary General luoshaomin

at the meeting, President ouyangxuan gave a briefing on the recent survey activities of visited enterprises, and conducted in-depth exchanges on the outstanding problems currently faced by the industry collected by the visited enterprises. Due to the impact of the European debt crisis, in order to further understand the production and operation status of packaging enterprises, provide the relevant government departments with the basis for policy advocacy and collection, and strengthen the communication and contact with member units, kostron hopes to break the traditional situation that traditional chemical industry only paid attention to industrial production and did not care about the market and customer requirements in the past through such a "point-to-surface" way, Timely grasp the dynamic information of industry development, and provide reliable organizational guarantee and policy guidance for member units. Based on the survey of 16 enterprises visited by Shenzhen Association for outsourcing, 26 opinions and suggestions were collected. In 2015, Jinmin public welfare fund was founded. The main problems reflected are: 1. Excessive taxes, various items and taxes collected, increasing the burden of enterprises and hindering the normal development of enterprise economic operation. 2. Raw materials (3) the rising costs of welding materials, energy and labor have greatly reduced the profit margin of the enterprise. 3. The problem of difficult employment and more difficult employment of skilled workers has become increasingly prominent. 4. Affected by the European debt crisis, the number of export orders fell sharply and the domestic market was relatively stable. 5. Financing difficulty is a big bottleneck restricting the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. 6. Domestic packaging raw materials and production technology are seriously deficient, and most of them need to be imported from abroad, which increases the production cost of enterprises. The briefing also summarized and sorted out more than 10 opinions and suggestions on the work of the association, and put forward clear suggestions on the next work measures

in view of the outstanding problems reflected by the enterprise, President ouyangxuan, executive vice president hujunmin, executive vice president songzhiyi, vice president zhuanghoomin, vice president wanghaipeng, executive director, President Wang Lijie of the school of media and communication of Shenzhen Vocational and technical college, general manager Fanxuan of Yongfa printing (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. and general manager sunheyong of Heyong Packaging Co., Ltd. discussed the social and economic development trends from different angles and levels The financial capital operation system, domestic tax system and labor capital relations were discussed deeply and warmly, and entered into the experimental procedures and exchanges. They also expressed incisive and original views on the current and domestic economic trends and the trends that packaging enterprises will face in the coming period

the work of Shenzhen packaging industry association has played a leading role in serving its members. We will continue to pay attention to Shenzhen packaging industry association

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