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The seminar on industrial control system and network communication technology in the information age was held in Chengdu. On November 15, 2012, the seminar on industrial control system and network communication technology in the information age was successfully held in Chengdu, Chengdu by Beijing jiusiyi, Shenzhen Saiyuan and Taiwan Aixun in conjunction with local dealers of various brands

with the deep integration of industrialization and informatization, the transformation and upgrading of many industries, and the rapid development of IT technology, communication technology and control technology, today's industrial control products and industrial communication products have made great progress. The seminar on industrial control system and communication technology in the information age is based on this starting point. The three national industrial control brands have jointly cooperated to hold a series of seminars, In close contact with direct customers, the conference was successfully held in Changsha in June, 2012 and Hangzhou in September, 2012. It was held in Chengdu this month

the new round of investment planned in the southwest region is of a large scale. More than 2000 major projects are planned in the fields of water conservancy, agriculture, transportation, energy, infrastructure construction, etc. the hot West and the phenomenon of stopover after vigorous development and unloading will bring a Xintiandi to the industrial control colleagues. At the seminar, the guests were fully briefed on the latest industrial computer and industrial switch products of aisun, which are based on Net platform, and Saiyuan's industrial remote control and industrial wireless control products

nearly 100 guests were present at the meeting. The meeting room was full of people and the atmosphere was warm. In addition to a large number of customers in the fields of energy and mechanical equipment manufacturing, the guests also included a large number of system integrators and product dealers. At the same time, they also attracted teachers from Xihua University, Chengdu University of Electronic Science and technology, Sichuan Chemical Engineering School, Chongqing Vocational College of Chemical Engineering, Chengdu Institute of technology and other universities, which will play an important role in promoting the long-term development of the three joint brands in Southwest China

group photo of the seminar guests

the first part of the conference was to share with the guests the trends and operation trends of China's automation industry in 2012, and reviewed the overall automation market, the market of major automation products and the market of major industrial industries in the first three quarters of 2012. A large number of detailed data and scientific analysis have never been touched by many professionals engaged in automation in the front line before

the second session of the conference was divided into the following three categories by the deputy general manager of Beijing jiusiyi Automation Software Co., Ltd.: Ms. Liang Ling, the manager, shared with the guests the development trend of configuration software, the leading technology of easy control configuration software and the related application fields of easy control software combined with informatization. With the integration of industrialization and informatization, and with the extensive development of MES and IOT applications, industrial automation software also plays an increasingly important role. Especially in the past two years, the development of traditional hardware products has become more and more stable. The market growth rate of industrial software is significantly higher than that of hardware. It can be said that it is moving against the trend and growing at a high level. With its leading technology and artistic design, the easy control configuration software of Beijing jiusiyi company has also grown into the main force of the automation software market, occupying a large market share in many emerging fields

Ms. Liangling of jiusiyi company made a speech

the third part of the conference was Mr. wuyiyu, general manager of Shenzhen Saiyuan company, who shared with the guests new technologies such as remote safety communication and wireless communication of industrial control system

informatization is the only way for China to go after 30 years of industrialization. However, industrial informatization includes many technologies, such as networking, intelligence, cloud computing, wireless, energy saving, etc. Saiyuan's industrial wireless communication specially solves the rotating, moving and inconvenient wiring in industrial occasions, and requires stable and reliable industrial data transmission. Due to its low frequency and narrow band, it has strong diffraction ability, is not easy to be interfered by means of demonstration and post subsidy, and has short time delay. It supports modbus, ASCII, PPI and other protocols. Saiyuan's industrial remote communication is dedicated to the remote and safe two-way transmission of industrial data through the Internet, such as ADSL or 3G. It supports various industrial controllers, such as Siemens, Rockwell, Schneider, abb, Mitsubishi and other PLC controllers, and can upload and download programs, diagnose and view video in real time, bringing great convenience to the maintenance of 10mm amplitude. With the increasing cost of manpower, the remote operation and support center is bound to become an indispensable and important information system

Mr. wuyiyu of Saiyuan company made a speech

at the fourth session of the conference, Mr. Sheng Qinghua, marketing director of South China region of Taiwan Aixun technology, shared the advanced products and concepts of Aixun with the guests. Founded in Taiwan in 1990, aisun technology mainly develops and sells industrial control and communication products such as industrial personal computers, embedded systems, industrial switches, embedded tablets, etc. for more than 20 years, aisun technology has enjoyed a high reputation in European and American markets with excellent quality, and has become a recognized leading designer and manufacturer in the field of industrial computers in the world. Aixun technology has been leading the industry with innovative design, high quality and high service. In this meeting, President Sheng not only introduced the company and its characteristic product lines, but also focused on the factory strength and quality assurance of the company, as well as the market strategy of the company in Chengdu

Mr. shengqinghua of Aixun company made a speech

at the last part of the conference, Mr. Wu of Saiyuan company shared with the guests his understanding of the career development of industrial control practitioners, integrating his work experience in large foreign enterprises, private enterprises and entrepreneurship, as well as the work contents in different fields of sales, technology and management. It is hoped that through this meeting, the guests will not only get information about technology and products, but also share experiences and become friends

during the meeting, the interactive links were very popular. The guests at the meeting asked questions enthusiastically. Problems in product technology, application, price, service, Distribution Agency and other aspects were constantly thrown to the three brand manufacturers, and many of them left enthusiastic messages on the feedback form

the guests at the meeting enthusiastically asked questions

industrial control needs the constant efforts of brothers and uncles. We must resist the pressure and move forward bravely, go! GO!

Xihua University Students

I personally think that the domestic industrial control system has been done quite well. I can't be too harsh and make a higher level in the future development. It is practical and stable, and can meet the actual production requirements. For example, the software lace in foreign countries is not necessary. Thank you

engineer of an intelligent system equipment Co., Ltd. in Chengdu

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