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In recent years, due to the rapid development of China's construction industry, the number of various tower cranes used in housing construction sites has increased sharply. The special operating environment of tower crane determines the difficulty of its safety management, and the management of these equipment is an indispensable and necessary link to avoid accidents

in order to strengthen the safety supervision and management of construction hoisting machinery and prevent and reduce production safety accidents, on January 8, 2008, the Ministry of construction of the people's Republic of China issued the regulations on the safety supervision and management of construction hoisting machinery, which specifies the specific contents of the lease, installation, disassembly, use and supervision and management of construction hoisting machinery. On january14,2009, the revised regulations on safety supervision of special equipment defined the relevant provisions on the production (including design, manufacturing, installation, transformation and maintenance) use, inspection and detection, accident handling, laws and other relevant provisions of special equipment

although the state attaches great importance to it, various accidents related to tower cranes are still on the rise. Here are some common hidden dangers of tower cranes

I. common hidden dangers of manufacturing quality

the manufacturing quality of tower cranes is the premise to ensure safe use. Some manufacturing enterprises neglect quality management and blindly pursue interests, resulting in the following hidden dangers in manufacturing quality:

1 Modify the drawing without authorization or do not produce according to the drawing, and cancel and substitute some rods, parts and components at will

2. The incoming materials are not reinspected, the mechanical properties of the materials fail to meet the requirements, and the chemical composition is unqualified

3. There is no correct welding process, and the welding defects are serious, such as cracks, weld slag inclusion, air holes, arc deviation, meat biting, etc

measure its tear resistance 4 The correct processing technology is not implemented, the geometric dimension accuracy is not enough, and the perpendicularity and straightness of main members are out of tolerance

5. The cab is not made of steel. Other characteristics that the company pays attention to include improving the glass transition temperature of the resin, and personal injury caused by fragments of ordinary glass after it is broken

6. The experimental multi-function trolley luffing mechanism only relies on the worm self-locking brake. Due to a certain inclination of the boom, after the trolley luffing mechanism is powered off, the motor inertia still makes the trolley slide in a lower direction, causing an accident

7. The lifting torque limiter is not set according to the standard provisions, the wiring of the constant amplitude and constant amplitude variable code limiter is incorrect, and there is no alarm and forced speed change switch

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