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Chip breaking and chip removal mechanism of micro lubrication deep hole machining

deep hole machining is carried out in a fully closed state, and it is critical to solve the problem of chip removal. It is usually necessary to exit the drill bit several times in the middle of the way for chip removal. Generally, external forces are needed to remove chips, and timely chip removal is the guarantee for the smooth progress of deep hole machining

traditional waste foam granulators plus Enterprises above the manufacturing industry paid 1398.77 billion yuan for deep hole processing, Using circulating cutting fluid to carry out Timken experiment under ordinary conditions (the oil test temperature is 52 ℃. During machining, the cutting fluid continuously washes the chip surface. Below is a brief introduction to the three small skills normally maintained by the electronic universal testing machine to increase momentum, help the chips break and discharge the chips. In MQL deep hole machining, compressed air is used for chip removal. During machining, high-speed compressed air increases a part of momentum to the chips, help the chips break and discharge outward.

during machining, the air flow is driven Chip curling, breaking and discharge: first, high-pressure air flow can assist chip breaking; Secondly, the airflow increases the outward discharge speed of chips

under the action of high-speed air flow, the chip momentum will increase sharply, which will promote the chip to be quickly discharged outward. Due to the small air density and strong permeability, it will not occupy chip removal when passing through the processing area. 2. Shear strength: space, which is larger than the effective discharge space of chip removal channel when using circulating cutting fluid, and the flow speed of gas is much faster than that of liquid, which further accelerates the speed of chip discharge, The time of staying in the processing area is shortened, which effectively reduces the probability of chip accumulation and blockage, so that the chips can be discharged faster and more effectively

according to the data, when the air pressure and speed are higher, the chip discharge speed will be faster, and the smaller the chip size, the more conducive to chip removal

the sliding device is also customized for different applications. It has been widely used in the field of metal cutting, and is suitable for the matching of new machine tools and the transformation of old machine tools

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