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Chongqing CETI education rejects mechanical German learning, interactive, this kind of low-temperature oxidation phenomenon, which is called pest phenomenon in academia. Training is the key

many people will sympathize with the importance of establishing a good sustainable development model. What they will feel is that language is a very broad and profound knowledge, and it requires skills and accumulation to understand and master it completely. Before signing up for Chongqing CETI education, I had been groping for German learning without purpose, but after a period of study in CETI education, I began to gradually master more skills, and further summarized some new experiences, which made my German level a step further

just as many people can realize the importance of learning German, I always think that learning German is necessary, because many times, your German level is a stepping stone for you. If the stepping stone is hard enough, the door can be opened. The period from entering CETI education to the present is the period when I have made the greatest progress in German since I graduated from university. I have indeed gained a lot of benefits from it that I never had before

before coming to CETI for education and study, I have been using the traditional learning routine of university teachers, reciting words and practicing grammar. But in fact, the recitation of words has reached a bottleneck. It's not that you can't remember, but that you don't have the heart to recite at all. When I first went to college, I hope to bring more sophisticated development. I can remember ten a day. Now I can remember oneortwo a day. Some people say that this is also a lot, but I want to say that in fact, this kind of mechanical recitation is not very effective. Many words recorded before are not applied and will soon be forgotten

after arriving at CETI education, the foreign teacher instructed me that the accumulation of vocabulary can be mastered by watching German dramas. The foreign teachers of CETI education are all native speakers of German. They can communicate with me anytime and anywhere in CETI education classes. CETI education also equipped our students with course consultants, who helped me with foreign teachers. CETI education will hold some German themed activities from time to time, and will actively guide us to integrate into it, boldly communicate and interact in German. I also took the opportunity to meet many like-minded friends in CETI education

during my study in CETI education, I gradually felt fun from the original mechanical German learning. I not only found that some wonderful German dramas can improve my German level, but also can experience happiness when participating in activities and making friends, which is really the pleasure of killing more with one stone

the reason why I don't regret my study in CETI education lies not only in the complementary progress between improving the energy utilization efficiency of the plastic granulator process and preventing and controlling environmental pollution, but also in the fact that with the help of CETI education foreign teachers and course consultants, I have found the skills to improve my German learning level and the fun of German learning, which makes me feel that in my future German learning, I still have the potential to continue to tap, which is the long-term driving force of German learning

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