Chizhao and Peng Yongjian won the title of nationa

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Yuchai chizhao and Peng Yongjian won the title of national model worker

Yuchai chizhao and Peng Yongjian won the title of national model worker

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the 2015 celebration of the "May Day" International Labor Day and the conference to commend national model workers and advanced workers was grandly held in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing on the 28th. Comrade Chi zhaojiu of Yuchai joint stock equipment factory and Comrade Peng Yongjian of CSR Yuchai won the honorary title of "national model worker" and attended the conference in Beijing on behalf of Guangxi and Sichuan respectively and received grand commendation

Comrade Peng Yongjian is a senior technician of CSR Yuchai No.2 Branch, a provincial specially hired technician and skill expert. He has won nearly 10 honorary titles, including Sichuan knowledge and skill model, Sichuan model worker and "May Day" labor medal

in his 32 years of work, Comrade Peng Yongjian loved his post, worked hard and insisted on learning. He went to Caterpillar in the United States, Mitsubishi in Japan and other enterprises for further study and became a worker expert with excellent skills. The "pengyongjian working method" summarized by him has a 100% accuracy in fault analysis, and has now been introduced as an important "method" for production, after-sales and training. In his daily work, Comrade Peng Yongjian, with his rich skills and experience, actively participated in the quality research and rationalization suggestions activities, and became the backbone of the company's quality improvement and after-sales service. The tear test of guangelectronic universal testing machine is to obtain the tear strength value, which is welcomed by large users, and is known as the most reassuring "engine patron saint". Especially in recent years, led by Peng Yongjian, all members of the "Peng Yongjian skill expert studio" and the "Sichuan staff skill talent (model worker) Innovation Studio" have fully participated in the development of more than 20 provincial, ministerial and enterprise engine new product projects in Sichuan Province, Railway Corporation (former Ministry of Railways), and have independent intellectual property rights for the successful development of the company World class high-end marine ships and engines that meet the upgrading needs of railway locomotives have made outstanding contributions. At the same time, he insisted on "teachers leading apprentices" and actively guided young workers, with remarkable results. Among the apprentices, they were employed as technicians, advanced and production backbone respectively

Comrade Chi zhaojiu works in Yuchai joint stock equipment factory. He is now a master of mold fitter of Yuchai group. In 2012, he won the title of national technical expert and enjoyed the special government allowance of the State Council. He is good at summarizing and brave in innovation, and created the unique skill of "three delicacies and one method" to improve the supply level of high-end non-ferrous electronic materials

the project of "technological innovation and industrialization of iron wood plastic composite molds for large diesel engines", which he was responsible for, won the second prize of China machinery industry science and Technology Award in 2013, and also won the third prize of the fourth national workers' excellent technological innovation achievements. He has successively obtained five national patents and one invention patent, and is mainly responsible for tackling key problems in many projects, saving the company nearly 25million yuan

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