Chongqing Chuanyi high energy acoustic level meter

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Chongqing Chuanyi high-energy acoustic level meter breaks through the difficulty of material level measurement in power plants

recently, Chongqing Hawke Chuanyi Instrument Co., Ltd. successfully solved other material level measurement difficulties in power plants with the support and cooperation of some power plants. Again, the practice proves the superiority of hawk high-energy acoustic level meter in the measurement of powder, solid, liquid level with stirring and slurry with water vapor

different from the products of other companies, this level meter adopts a technology of acoustic resistance matching as the main technology for measuring solid material level: low density medium is used to cling to the acoustic emission surface to reduce the acoustic resistance of the acoustic probe and minimize the attenuation of acoustic energy. This is also the most widely used technology with the lowest cost, the highest reliability among all the solid-state measurement technologies at present

about Chongqing Hawke Chuanyi 7. After cutting off the power supply, wipe and clean the instruments and equipment. Table Co., Ltd.: as a reformer of acoustic level measurement, hawk measurement systems Pty Ltd, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, specializes in product research and development and production in the field of level measurement, and uses ultra-strong energy, ultra-low measurement frequency and software algorithm technology to overcome the impact of fog, dust and foam on ultrasonic transmission, Over the past 20 years, it has provided numerous level measurement and control equipment with advanced technology and reliable quality for many fields around the world

Chongqing Chuanyi General Factory Co., Ltd. is the core enterprise of China Silian Instrument Group. It integrates scientific research, production, manufacturing, sales, import and export trade and finance. It changes steel into light material in shipbuilding. It is a comprehensive automatic instrument manufacturing enterprise with the largest scale, the most complete product categories and the strongest system integration ability in China. It is a large state-owned enterprise group. In order to further serve the Chinese market and solve the technical problems in the field of level measurement, hawk measurement and Chongqing Chuanyi have jointly established "Chongqing Hawke Chuanyi Instrument Co., Ltd." in Chongqing to provide better and better hawk series product services for Chinese users

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