Chongqing Chuanyi develops gasifier valves to achi

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Chongqing Chuanyi developed gasifier valves to achieve import substitution

keep them clean (it is best to clean them after completing the experiment every time);, The gasifier valve successfully developed by Chongqing Chuanyi regulating valve Co., Ltd. has achieved import substitution, and has received a good response on the market. This year, the company successfully signed a contract with Luxi Chemical for a total of 1289 gasifier valves, including 156 oxygen valves, black water, ash water, slag water, pulverized coal transportation and other bad work

recently, the gasifier valves successfully developed by Chongqing Chuanyi regulating valve Co., Ltd. have achieved import substitution, and have been put on the market with good response. This year, the company successfully signed a contract with Luxi Chemical for a total of 1289 gasifier valves, including 156 oxygen valves and 441 valves under adverse conditions such as black water, gray water, slag water and pulverized coal transportation

it is reported that as the main device of fine chemical industry, the performance of gasifier determines the quality of chemical products. The quality of the regulating valve of the important equipment of the gasifier determines the working efficiency of the gasifier. Subject to high standards and strict requirements, the domestic fine chemical industry has always given priority to imported products in the timely release of new material industrial policy information, and there is little room for domestic control valves. Chuanyi regulating valve company is determined to break through barriers to achieve import substitution and fill the domestic gap

the company organized technical forces to conduct on-site research on customers and collected detailed data on the operation characteristics and performance requirements of gasifiers; Through inspection and maintenance, the original valves of users are analyzed, and the excellent design concepts are summarized. Combined with the special fluid analysis software, the design improvement and deep processing are carried out for the influencing factors of valve erosion caused by high temperature, high pressure difference and medium containing solid particles, and the erosion resistant structure of high parameter control valve is developed, realizing the double standards of safety and performance

Chongqing Chuanyi independently developed gasifier valves and successfully achieved import substitution

in order to solve the problem of high wear and high corrosion, the company contacted the material research institute and special alloy company to jointly tackle key problems and develop new materials suitable for high parameter control valves. What is the correct method to calibrate the speed and pneumatic value of the tensile machine? Matrix adhesion and wear resistance; It has made breakthroughs in key production and manufacturing processes, broken foreign key technical barriers, achieved the perfect combination of production and technology, solved the key problems of valve erosion and wear, and has completely independent property rights

through repeated trial production and experiments, this series of valves meet the standards of the chemical industry in terms of leakage control and safety, and continue to be welcomed on the market. On this basis, the company organized technical forces to further tackle key problems and developed HVH black water valve, cam deflection valve, R300 slag discharge and ball cutting valve and other products for harsh working conditions, which has become the first choice to replace imports and opened up a market field with high-tech needs

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