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Analysis: Middle East products force the transformation of domestic plastic industry

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China's plastic industry is currently facing a big test of survival and development. After nearly 20 years of rapid development, it will be more difficult to maintain high-speed growth. Since the outbreak of the financial crisis, the problem of high output growth and low overall technical level of the plastic industry has become more prominent. In particular, low-cost products from the Middle East are poised to flood into the Chinese market soon. In this situation, how to realize the transformation of the plastic industry as soon as possible? Experts and enterprises in the industry were interviewed

transformation is forced by the situation

according to experts, affected by the financial crisis, China's plastic industry is facing huge potential pressure. Although the situation has eased this year, the improvement of some indicators does not mean that the recovery has arrived. At present, the development of plastic industry is facing pressure from both domestic and international markets

in the domestic market, according to guoyongxin, assistant director of China Light Industry Information Center, there are about 18800 domestic plastic production enterprises, but most of them are still producing medium and low-end products. 80% - 90% of high-end plastic products in the international market are produced abroad. At the same time, overheated investment has led to overcapacity in some products. In the first eight months of this year, although the domestic plastic products industry completed a fixed asset investment of 84.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase. When its own laboratory introduced standard methods into its own testing work, the time was 28.3%, but the capacity utilization rate was only 60%. Many plastic enterprises in Zhejiang, Guangdong and other places stopped production. In particular, some small and medium-sized enterprises are still difficult to finance, and the recovery of production is slow and weak

ZHENG long, Secretary General of China Engineering Plastics Industry Association, analyzed that the main reason is that plastic products enterprises are processing enterprises, with weak innovation ability and particularly serious product homogenization. Most enterprises focus on a narrow market, forming a herd situation, resulting in a lack of differentiation in production capacity

the changes in the international market are more urgent. Since 2009, a large number of ethylene products with natural gas and ethane as raw materials have appeared in the Middle East, beginning to impact the Chinese market. Even if the ethylene produced by the Middle East natural gas method is transported to China by freight, the cost is only about $100/ton, while the cost of ethylene produced by the domestic naphtha cracking method is about $530/ton. It is understood that five new ethylene cracking projects will be put into trial operation in the Middle East in 2009. Industry experts remind that after these five major projects are put into operation, low-cost plastic products from the Middle East will flow into the Chinese market and the global market, like the sword of Damocles hanging over Chinese enterprises, which will have a huge impact on the domestic plastic raw material industry and plastic products industry at the same time. Although the state has introduced measures to increase the export tax rebate, it can not fundamentally solve the huge pressure faced by domestic plastic enterprises. Moreover, the tax rebate received by export enterprises is often shared by foreign customers

industry experts believe that, like low-cost ethylene, low-cost plastic products in the Middle East will make almost all plastic products in China unstoppable. Both international and domestic markets have forced China's plastic industry to transform as soon as possible. Otherwise, China's plastic industry will suffer both at home and abroad. Once the market is lost, a large number of enterprises will go bankrupt again

transformation must segment the market

in the interview, experts generally believed that the financial crisis was not all bad, it brought opportunities for the transformation of plastic enterprises. From the perspective of the development trend of the international plastic industry, the packaging industry will still be the largest field of plastic use, followed by chemical building materials, agricultural plastics, electronic appliances, automobiles and other industries, while the rapid development of electronic communications, automobiles, building materials has raised the development and application of plastics to a new level. With the opportunity, plastic enterprises must speed up the adjustment of industrial structure, accelerate technological progress, and change the traditional extension and expansion development

Zheng Long said that most plastic processing enterprises have a small base and weak brand awareness. If we want to compete with Middle East products for the market, we must have the ability to think globally, promote the improvement of technology, process, quality and efficiency of enterprises, and form our own unique competitiveness

zhangshijun, deputy chief engineer of Beijing Research Institute of chemical industry of Sinopec, pointed out that with the continuous improvement of the technological level of the processing industry, the gap in the domestic low-end market is gradually narrowing, while the market gap of high-end products is constantly expanding. Enterprises should further subdivide the consumption field and choose their own development direction accordingly. Plastic products should be further developed in the direction of lightweight, compounding and functionalization. Lightweight is to minimize the consumption of raw materials on the premise of meeting the usability; Compounding is an important way to improve the properties of plastic products and expand the application field of products; Functionalization is the common goal of all kinds of plastic products at present. Enterprises should develop high-performance products and processes according to their own reality, such as high crystalline polypropylene and high transparent polypropylene. Therefore, they need to obtain the text content in the page, special materials for plastic pipes such as polyolefin nanocomposites, and special resins for other extrusion products. At the same time, we will develop new processes such as hollow molding, rotational molding, hollow blow molding, injection stretch blow molding, etc

Yu Jiao, director of Sinopec Institute of technology and economics, believes that plastic products enterprises have a lot of room to improve in terms of technological progress. The profit of high-end products is much higher than that of low-end products. There is still much room for the market prospect of domestic high-end products. Alternative imported products that can be developed for medical plastics and industrial plastics, such as automobile dashboard, bumper, and the production of household heating pipes, are all projects being developed by SINOPEC. However, the quality needs to be improved in the production process. If enterprises can develop better products, it will greatly improve the profits of enterprises

there are many opportunities for transformation

in fact, from raw material production to product processing, many plastic enterprises have made useful explorations in strategic transformation and made certain achievements

Sinopec is the largest synthetic resin manufacturer in China. According to Dr. zouhao of Sinopec Beijing Institute of chemical industry, in recent years, the production capacity of plastic film produced by biaxial stretching process in China has developed rapidly, showing a trend of differentiation and specialization. For example, the special materials for low-temperature heat sealing of polypropylene film have not been industrialized in large quantities in China, and the domestic market is basically imported raw materials, with an annual consumption of up to 100000 tons. At present, Sinopec has preliminarily mastered the necessary molecular structure characteristics of low heat sealing polypropylene special materials, and has carried out tests on continuous start-up process conditions, and relevant research work is under way. In addition, Sinopec is still developing some high-end plastic products. The high-performance resins developed by Shanghai Petrochemical, Yangzi Petrochemical and Yanshan Petrochemical, such as special materials for cast films, special materials for automotive fuel tanks and special materials for parts, have achieved impressive results Displacement speed control range: 0.1mm/min ~ 300mm/min, encouraging performance

the situation in the field of engineering plastics in China also has potential. In recent years, the process technology of some special engineering plastics products has entered the international advanced ranks. On November 10, the PMMA plastic optical fiber for communication developed and manufactured by Jiangxi Dasheng Plastic Optical Fiber Co., Ltd. passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements of the Ministry of industry and information technology. Experts agreed that when plastic optical fiber is fully mature, it will be highly competitive in broadband construction and local area group. Due to its advantages in resisting external environmental interference and easy installation, plastic optical fiber is also considered to be a more competitive cabling product for indoor local areas. It is reported that the production line has applied for a number of national patents. Chen Wei, general manager of Dasheng company, said in an interview that in terms of the accumulation of its own R & D and manufacturing experience, Dasheng company actively cooperated with scientific research institutions such as Shanghai Jiaotong University and Changchun University of technology, completed the design of three processes, and successfully independently developed and established the first domestic production line, which provided a strong support for the strategic transformation of the enterprise

Wang Zhanjie, Secretary General of the pipeline special committee of China Plastics Industry Association, believes that the transformation of the pipeline industry is not limited to the field of technological innovation. The improvement of the quality of materials and quality, application and market, construction and installation, as well as the cooperation between upstream and downstream, should also be the topics that enterprises should pay special attention to

Fujian Yatong Technology Co., Ltd. is the first transmission mode of China's largest plastic pipe enterprise, with stable transmission. Chen Lihui, general manager of the company, said that in order to ensure the sustainable operation of the brand, they attach great importance to technological progress and technological innovation. Since its establishment, the enterprise has 27 patents, one of which is an invention patent. For example, Dasheng invested heavily in the introduction of large-diameter sewage drainage system from Australia. At the beginning, some places in China were acclimatized. The enterprise made improvements and innovations on the basis of the original system, which not only made the large-diameter sewage drainage system finally meet domestic needs, but also produced some patents. The products of this enterprise were originally only in construction, but later developed into the application of municipal communication, gas and power industries. From a production base to more than 40 production bases across the country, the products have developed to 15 categories. Chen Lihui said that why should we set up so many production bases across the country? The key is where the products go and the services can keep up immediately, so that the market can be preserved

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