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Anodized aluminum label

Canada's applied DNA indirect method. This method has many varieties. Technology Co., Ltd. (a DNA safety technology patent application company) and lustre cal company (a world-famous printing product manufacturer) in the United States recently announced the launch of anodized aluminum label. The label adopts the patented DNA anti-counterfeiting ink technology of applied DNA Technology Co., Ltd. Ink can be used as additives, coatings or implanted into labels. The ink hidden in the label can be identified by laboratory DNA analysis. DNA serial numbers are used to distinguish and verify products. Lustre Cal's anodized aluminum identity label can use traditional monofilament suture monacryl reg; This is the key concave pattern of cleaning 10 points after the application of the universal experimental machine. The traditional serial number is a concave pattern with black ink, which is easy to read. The anodized DNA serial number is etched on the aluminum surface to make it as durable as the label itself

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