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Analytical instruments: technology and service achievements freshmen

analytical instruments refer to the general term of instruments including physical and chemical analytical instruments, biochemical analytical instruments, physicochemical analytical instruments, conventional laboratory instruments and special analytical instruments. In recent years, with the development of analytical instrument application technology, the production efficiency and product quality of Chinese enterprises have been significantly improved. The expansion of market demand for analytical instruments has stimulated the rise of instrument manufacturers on the one hand, and intensified the competition of similar analytical instrument manufacturers on the other hand. In the new era, how to change ideas and achieve new life is a major problem faced by analytical instruments

technology leads industrial development

it is understood that China's analytical instruments are 4. 5% ahead of entering the market Stepping electrical and mechanical products need to obtain national certification and permission, especially the products in the type approval catalogue. It is found that the roof leakage rate of residential buildings in China is more than 95%. The standardization of the market has further developed China's analytical instrument industry. In recent years, China's analytical instrument technology has been significantly improved. The core of the instrument in recent years, the number of plastic machines imported by China is also rapidly promoting. Although the technology is still insufficient compared with foreign countries, the performance of some products has reached the international level

only by maintaining the existing technical level and increasing the research and development of new detection technologies can we ensure the competitive advantage of enterprises and enhance their competitiveness. When the high-end market is occupied by foreign products, domestic analytical instrument enterprises need to focus on the cultivation of talent teams in order to attract customers and expand business. In addition, in the selection of core components, due to the lack of technology, the performance and process of some components are still at a disadvantage compared with foreign countries. Some analytical instrument manufacturers can first introduce advanced technologies and processes into their products to ensure the excellent performance of products in precision, stability and other aspects, and lay the foundation for the wide application of products

service wins the trust of customers

China's analytical instrument industry has been moving steadily towards the customized production and marketing mode. From providing analytical instruments to helping customers find problems and customizing solutions, instrument manufacturers infiltrate the analysis and testing services of products into every link of the production chain, point out various hidden dangers that customers have not found, and comprehensively meet the personalized needs of users. Customized service has become a major feature and trend of the development of analytical instrument industry

people often say that "customers are God". The original meaning of this sentence is certainly not to hope that we will hold customers too high, but it also highlights the indispensability of customer evaluation and trust for the development of an enterprise and even an industry. So, how to win the long-term trust of customers? The most important thing is a perfect after-sales service system. If there is a problem in the after-sales service of the instrument, who to look for, how to find it, and what kind of service the manufacturer will provide... These are all areas that enterprises need to improve

the analytical instrument industry has the characteristics of large initial capital investment, slow development speed and slow income. In addition to technical advantages, analytical instrument enterprises in Europe and the United States are no inferior to enterprises in other regions in fine processing, talent management and so on. Therefore, if domestic enterprises want to achieve steady development, expand the domestic market and enter the foreign market after a certain accumulation, they need to formulate a complete development strategy

speed (cavitation, infiltration force on bearing surface) physical and chemical indicators

the development of analytical instruments in China started late, and many domestic market demands are still in a vacant state, which also means that there is still much room for domestic enterprises to make breakthroughs. Therefore, in the actual development process, analytical instrument enterprises need to not only keep up with the trend of the times, but also strengthen the analysis of the whole market, so as to develop products that truly meet the needs of the market Products demanded by customers promote the transformation and innovation of enterprises themselves

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