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China IOT development annual report 2013-2014 release

Guide: Xinhua news agency released the 2013-2014 China IOT development annual report yesterday to judge the industrial development trend: ① IOT market led development is getting better; ② Comprehensively promote industrial synergy; ③ The leading effect of industrial innovation is further highlighted; ④ Deep integration of innovative technologies; ⑤ Wuxi leads the country in building a smart city

the Fifth China International Federation of things (sensing) Expo opened in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, a national sensing innovation demonstration area, on the 25th. Entrusted by the Organizing Committee of the conference, Yao Guang, Deputy Secretary General of Xinhua news agency, issued the "2013-2014 annual report on the development of China IOT" on behalf of Xinhua news agency

According to the analysis of the report, since 2013, the integration of sensing technology, cloud computing, big data and mobile Internet has developed, and the global IOT application has entered a substantial stage of promotion. Countries and regions such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea have made important progress in IOT technology and application. Informatization, digitalization and intelligence have become the leading and direction of a new round of technological revolution. Bridges are the main load-bearing structures on high-speed rail lines

According to the report, China's IOT industry showed new characteristics and trends in 2014:

first, a vertically integrated policy system was initially established, and market-oriented development is getting better

the top-level policy framework, such as the national IOT development guidance, action plan and work points, has been formulated and launched with a series of supporting policies, and a vertically integrated IOT policy system has been initially established. Application demonstration stimulates market demand, which drives industrial development. Market allocation of resources and market-oriented development are getting better

second, the rise of industrial highlands has been accelerated, and industrial synergy has been comprehensively promoted

China has initially formed a relatively complete IOT industrial system covering various industrial links and categories such as chips, components, software, system integration, telecommunications operations, IOT services, as well as four IOT industrial clusters in the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, the Bohai rim and the central and western regions, and industrial synergy has been further promoted. In 2013, the scale of China's IOT industry exceeded 600billion yuan, and the overall scale is expected to exceed trillion yuan in 2016

third, the leading effect of industrial innovation has been further highlighted, and the application of benefiting the people has been deepened

the report believes that IOT enables customers to understand and operate our experimental machines in detail, and the integration of our experimental machines with traditional industries is further deepened. Innovative technologies based on IOT, such as industrial cloud platform and industrial big data, have become an important engine for the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and the real economy. In the field of people's livelihood, converged applications based on mobile intelligent terminals continue to emerge. As of August 2014, the scale of IOT application market in China's transportation, logistics, environmental protection, medical treatment, energy, security and other fields has reached nearly 100 billion yuan

fourth, innovative technologies are deeply integrated, and smart cities are accelerated

with the integrated development of IOT, cloud computing, big data and mobile Internet, the breeding of smart cities has been accelerated and the connotation of construction has been comprehensively deepened. By the end of 2013, more than 400 cities in China had started the construction of smart cities. China's urban development is accelerating into a new era of smart information interconnection, smart technology collaborative integration, the rapid rise of smart industries, and smart services are more efficient and convenient than traditional modified plastics

fifthly, Wuxi IOT has upgraded the application of three test pieces in each group to intermediate level, and the construction of smart city is leading in the country

since 2014, Wuxi National sensor innovation demonstration zone has accelerated the gathering of R & D resources and innovation elements, continuously innovated its business model, continuously improved its market operation mechanism, and continuously optimized the IOT ecosystem, and is entering a new stage of development. In the first half of 2014, the growth rate of Wuxi IOT and related industries reached 42%. The application demonstration in the fields of industry, environmental protection, medical treatment, transportation, security, water conservancy, logistics, warehousing and so on has achieved remarkable results, and its application breadth and intelligence are leading the country

according to the analysis of the report, at present, although China IOT has made significant progress in industrial scale, standard development, demonstration applications, etc., there are still problems such as fragmentation of technology research and development and demonstration applications, heavy dependence on imports of basic chips and high-end sensors, low integration of cross industry and cross domain standards, low security of heterogeneous network information exchange, and weak international competitiveness of enterprises

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