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3G communication business and users are also separated by "two walls"

3G communication business has achieved great development in the past two years, and a competitive pattern has been formed among the three major operators of China Mobile, China Unicom and Telecom. However, problems such as high tariffs, lack of core applications, and insufficient customer scale restrict the future of 3G services. 3G users have exceeded 40million, forming three 3G networks that initially cover cities and towns across the country. This is the answer paper submitted by the three major operators on the second anniversary of 3G licensing

however, compared with the previous goal of 150million 3G users in 2011 proposed by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the current situation of developing 40million users in two years shows that 3G development still has a long way to go

the high tariff has become the first wall blocking users.

walking on the street, you can see advertisements such as "3G leads life" from time to time. Although the three major operators try their best, 3G is still far away from ordinary consumers

in a mobile business hall near Nanjing Road, Tianjin, most of the customers interviewed at random expressed little interest in 3G services. "The original number has been used for fourorfive years. It's too troublesome to change the number when running 3G business." Customer Jia Yuqiao said to him. The salesperson of the business hall also admitted that the handling of 3G business has not been particularly popular since its launch, and the tariff is undoubtedly the most important factor for customers to consider

take the 3G "chat package" under the "M-Zone" of Tianjin Mobile as an example. The 46 yuan package includes 700 text messages, 250m upstream traffic, 80 minutes of local calls (including video), which is 0.26 yuan/minute higher than the busy hours of aftermarket calls. "There is a lot of 250m traffic, but I can only look at the pages. I don't dare to look at more pictures, otherwise I will definitely exceed it. Now there are wireless networks everywhere, and I can take a WiFi enabled smart phone and watch videos and chat for free." Jia Yuqiao said

Xiaolin, a Beijing girl, has set up the package business of China Unicom, and the pre deposited call fee is given to iPhone4. The call fee for a month is about 300 yuan. She said, "the speed of 3G is really fast, but now the 3G signal is not good. Sometimes there is no signal in a corner of the office. Usually, I just go on Weibo and don't dare to watch too many videos."

in fact, 3G can fully support services such as watching videos, but the high tariff is undoubtedly a stumbling block. Based on the existing tariff of Beijing Unicom, Xiaolin's monthly basic fee of 286 yuan includes 1.1g of traffic, and the data traffic fee beyond the package is 0.3 yuan/m. If you watch a movie of 400m or so, the traffic in the 1.1g package is only enough to watch three at most. After that, the average cost of watching a movie is as high as nearly 100 yuan. To a certain extent, it shows that the charging of 3G services still needs to be closer to the people

the second wall is that the core functions are not prominent

industry experts believe that one of the reasons why the development of 3G users cannot scale up is that 3G has not yet emerged as a core application. Many people only need to send text messages. The traditional 2G function can fully meet these needs. Although the explosive growth of Weibo has prompted some users to add 3G intelligence, the applications promoted by 3G operators, such as video, television, payment, have not become the mainstream

"although video and other services are more suitable for business people and customers who often travel, customers are naturally willing to choose a more stable 2G network because 3G networks have not been opened in many regions." The person in charge of a Unicom business office said to me. How to expand customers' awareness and understanding of 3G services and promote the areas covered by 3G networks to attract more customers is indeed a problem that operators must face

mainstream reinforced parts and scattered orders. A steel plate has only a few tons of resistance to rugged environmental resistance; The lack of application of modeling version under Onyx components restricts the development of 3G users. The insufficient user scale, in turn, restricts the development of related applications. This not only makes the three major operators' goal of developing 150million 3G users in three years almost impossible, but also directly leads to the low ARPU value (average income per user) of 3G operators

according to the analysis of insiders, some applications of mobile Internet functions cannot generate 10% of profits due to the insufficient development scale of 3G users. Therefore, the top priority of the three operators should be to reduce the 3G threshold and maximize the scale of 3G users

Telecom has become the largest C operator in the world, and the TD network is becoming more and more mature.

compared with WCDMA of China Unicom and CDMA2000 of Chinatelecom, the task of building and operating TD-SCDMA network with independent intellectual property rights of China Mobile is much more arduous, which leads to the "dominance" situation of China Mobile in the 2G era of China and changes in the development process of 3G communication. Among them, Chinatelecom Tianyi 3G, which has a dominant start, has become the largest C operator in the world

although China Mobile launched the trial commercial use of TD as early as before the 2008 Olympic Games, facing the problems of immature TD network system equipment, terminal bottlenecks and lagging application development, some experts said that the development speed of 3G users of China Mobile will not be too fast. In response, China Mobile is exploring a TD development path with Chinese characteristics. Nowadays, China Mobile's 3G system has reached the 4G hardware level. In the future, it does not need large-scale hardware investment, and it can smoothly transition to 4G only by software upgrading

some analysts believe that 2011 will be a year of explosive growth of 3G in China. This year, the 3G investment scale led by the three major domestic operators can reach 75billion yuan to 78billion yuan. Through the unremitting efforts of all parties, by this year, we can't just wait to be told what we need to do. The scale of domestic 3G users is expected to reach about 100million

however, for operators, while continuing to invest in 3G network construction, whether they can reduce the tariff level, especially the charging standard, strengthen the large-scale commercial use of a variety of 3G applications, improve the service level, and improve customer satisfaction is the key to driving the growth of 3G users. People

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