Hottest angle displacement position sensor

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Angular displacement position sensor

the angular displacement sensor introduced by Turck is a new type of sensor that changes the output analog quantity (voltage and current) according to the change of the external tilt angle

Turck angular displacement position sensor can measure angular displacement in both horizontal and vertical directions. It has the characteristics of high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, simple structure and economic price. It can be widely used in automobiles, robots, aviation equipment, ships, machinery, agriculture, construction and other fields that need to measure inclination

angular displacement sensors are divided into three types in the measurement range: -10 ~ 10 in 2017, -45 ~ 45 and -60 ~ 60, and each product can be calibrated according to the offset angle on site. Each sensor has a protection grade of up to IP67 to ensure that such products can work stably in more demanding industrial environments

angular displacement position sensor product features:

solid, compact rectangular shell, Safety center point [lase, easl] installation is very convenient

analog current (MA) and voltage (0..9v) Output

high resolution and accuracy

zero position adjustable

the two clamps separate and stretch the specimen at a fixed speed

high protection grade IP67

technical parameters of angular displacement position sensor:

working temperature range: -30 ~ +70 ℃

working voltage: 10 ~ 30 VDC

maximum resolution 0.04

maximum absolute accuracy 0.3

repetition accuracy 0.2% (it can be reached after 30 minutes of preheating after power on).0.1%)

no load current 20mA

open circuit/reverse polarity protection is

vibration resistance: 55 Hz (1mm as one of the most influential forums in the industry)

impact resistance: 30 g (11ms)

protection grade: IP67

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