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A brief description of the one week market of China Plastics spot PP (November 24 - November 28)

the market performance was weak at the beginning and end of this week. Affected by the intermittent recovery of international crude oil, the market speculation momentum is renewed. However, on the premise that all parties in the market have been weak for a long time, this support is still weak, and the situation of the market to stop falling and rebound is only a temporary situation, so it is still difficult for the market to get rid of the downward trend. As of the end of this week, China's plastic price index was 739.87 points, down 8.10 points from the same period last week; The China Plastics spot index fell to 898.42 points on Friday, down 23.55 points year-on-year from the same period last week

I. upstream information review:

the U.S. stock market rebounded, China cut interest rates significantly, the OPEC meeting is imminent, the U.S. gasoline demand increased, and the international oil price rebounded strongly after falling below $50 a barrel and the "shock proof" function of paper products. However, in the face of the global economic downturn, the prospect of the oil market is still uncertain. It is difficult to predict whether the oil price has bottomed out. As of the week of November 28, the average closing price of New York light oil futures for the first month was $52.41 per barrel, which was $1.514 lower than the previous week. The highest closing price was $54.50 per barrel and the lowest price was $49.93 per barrel. London Intercontinental Exchange Brent crude oil futures for the first month closed at an average price of $52.104 per barrel, 0.464 higher than the previous week, with the highest closing price of $53.93 per barrel and the lowest price of $49.19 per barrel

II. Market Review:

in terms of petrochemicals, Sinopec Sales Beijing Branch started pricing sales yesterday, with wire drawing pricing of 6300 yuan/ton; Guangzhou Branch settled the price today (2) wipe the supporting surface of the test piece and place it on the workbench, rotate the hand wheel to make the workbench rise slowly and jack up the indenter until the small pointer points to the red dot, and the large pointer rotates for 3 circles to vertically upward; It was introduced and continued to be listed for sale, with the listing price of 6400 yuan/ton

in terms of devices, the first transmission mode of S1 in Yanshan Petrochemical PP plant is safe 003; Dimer cooperates with the production restriction policy to stop from November 5, and the driving time is to be determined; Trimer conversion can replace part of foreign fixture k7726 to a certain extent. Shanghai Petrochemical PP will be sold at a fixed price at the end of this month and will continue to be listed for sale at the beginning of next month. It is reported that wire drawing was listed at 7200 yuan/ton and copolymerization at 7400 yuan/ton in early December. Guangzhou Petrochemical PP is listed for sale. The 100000 ton PP plant of Guangzhou Petrochemical produces cjs700; The 60000 ton unit produces J501. The inventory is general, and the sales turn weak

III. trend forecast for next week:

the market as a whole will maintain a slight consolidation this week. The shortage of goods supports the market, and the prices of some out of stock brands are strong; The sharp decline in crude oil and the downturn in downstream demand have hindered the further rebound of the market. High priced sources of goods did not sell well today. In view of the current scarce inventory of petrochemicals, it is unlikely that the short-term market will fall sharply. A small consolidation market will become the mainstream, and the out of stock brands still have some room to rise

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