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Analysis of the innovative development of packaging industry

China's packaging industry has experienced a development process from scratch and from small to large for more than 30 years. Now China is the second largest packaging country in the world, with an annual industrial output value of more than 1.2 trillion yuan, and the output of packaging products ranks first in the world. Among the 42 industrial industries in the national economy, the total output value of packaging industry has increased from the penultimate place in the 1980s to the 14th place, becoming a pivotal industry in the national economy

in terms of total volume, China has become a major packaging country in the world, but there is a large gap with developed countries in terms of variety, quality, new product research and development ability and economic benefits. The medium and high-end packaging basic materials, packaging machinery, food and beverage packaging, plastic film, etc., which represent the forefront of packaging technology, are still monopolized by developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan. The domestic packaging industry mainly has small-scale enterprises, low-level repeated construction, and low industrial concentration; The variety of packaging products is few, the quality is low, and the technical content is low; The product structure is unreasonable, and the main high-end packaging equipment and raw and auxiliary materials are heavily dependent on imports; The research and development funds of packaging science and technology are less invested, and the innovation ability is insufficient; The recycling rate of packaging waste is low

in view of the key and difficult problems that seriously restrict the development of China's packaging industry, xuguanhua, member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, pointed out at the founding ceremony of the China Packaging Research Institute that it is urgent to actively position himself as a medium and low-end independent innovation and new product development through technological progress to enhance the competitiveness of packaging enterprises

xuguanhua said that it is not difficult to find that through technological transformation, technology introduction, new product development, design and manufacturing, state-owned enterprises have achieved economic benefits, that is, technological innovation. However, many packaging enterprises have not found the way to achieve innovation. Even those enterprises that have achieved technological innovation lack the ability of continuous innovation. Once technological innovation is imitated by competitors, they are in trouble again. Therefore, it is the key to promote the development of China's packaging industry in the next few decades and even in the longer historical period to facilitate the timely output and transmission of data, form technological innovation capabilities, and quickly improve the technological innovation mechanism after the completion of all required data collection

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