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When some owners decorate their own homes, they only look at the decoration of their neighbors, look for an album, and start work without overall planning, which often fails to achieve satisfactory decoration effects. In fact, there are many taboos in decoration. Only by avoiding these can you enjoy satisfactory home decoration

first, don't start in a hurry

hurriedly found a decoration company or a construction team booked in advance, required to hand over the work in the shortest time, and hurriedly checked in a few days after handing over the work. As for the design of the room and the selection of decoration materials, I didn't study carefully, and I didn't consider how to control the environmental protection of the decoration and how to achieve healthy decoration. Finally, I woke up when there were serious consequences. Such decoration is a failure, which is a serious irresponsibility to the family

second, avoid chest without overall situation

decoration is a process of the overall layout of the family. Before decoration, you should know the decoration style of the room, the decorative materials used, the selection and approximate placement of furniture, as well as the budget of decoration. Avoid by all means not considering these, all on the basis of temporary likes and dislikes, and not considering the overall decoration of the room. In this way, the color and shape of furniture often do not match the decorative style. Just like we wear clothes, clothes and shoes should be matched. No one will wear a straight suit while wearing a pair of sneakers under his feet

third, avoid no change

although a house should be unified in a decorative style, each room and corner has different use and appreciation, so it is forbidden to adopt a decorative scheme and use the same decorative materials in all rooms. The simplest decoration should also make breakthroughs in several main visual points of the family, such as the first visual point entering the door and the main viewpoint in the living room, which must be changed from the style, simple but not simple. For example, the elderly room must be quiet, and the children's room must be active

fourth, avoid floating on the surface

from the current architectural pattern, not all the patterns are very reasonable. When decorating, we should adjust to meet our own use according to our own family conditions, such as personnel structure, consumption grade, main style, cost and other factors. For example, the structural part should be completed at one time according to the original design framework, and the water, electricity and heating part should also be in place at one time. When the second decoration, the problem of structure and concealed works will no longer be considered. So don't rely on the original pattern of the room and only make superficial articles of the room




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