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The mandatory national standard for lamps and lanterns will be implemented from January 1 this year, and the category 0 lamps with the lowest safety level will gradually withdraw from the market

the mandatory national standard for lamps and lanterns will be implemented from January 1 this year, in which category 0 lamps with the lowest safety level will gradually withdraw from the market. Zhongke Kelaibo Electronics Co., Ltd. reminds that while replacing safer lamp products, we cannot ignore the safety of power sockets. Only when sockets in safe working conditions are used together with qualified lamps and electrical products, can we ensure our real safety

the function of the power grounding wire is that when the electrical equipment leaks electricity, the current enters the earth through the grounding wire, and will not pass through the human body and cause personal electric shock accidents. Therefore, to ensure that the ground wire is unblocked is to protect life safety and property safety

in daily life, the wall socket or mobile socket we often contact sometimes leads to the ground wire breaking due to the poor contact of the power supply interface, and the current cannot be directed to the earth in case of accidental leakage of electrical appliances, resulting in electric shock accidents. Kelaibo reminds consumers to pay attention to the following problems when using or purchasing power sockets:

1 Buy high-quality products produced by well-known manufacturers with exquisite appearance and packaging

the hole type of traditional multi-purpose socket can be inserted into multiple plugs of different national standards, but the plugs of national standards are inserted in one position to form mixed plug, and the jacks are designed to be very large to meet the requirements of versatility, which is easy to form “ Dislocation and misinsertion ” Potential safety hazards. Kelaibo socket adopts a specially designed multi-purpose jack structure with separated hole shape, which ensures that the applicable plug can be reliably inserted into the corresponding electrode jack only at the correct position, which can effectively prevent “ Dislocation and misinsertion &rdquo

2. When purchasing, check the jack of the socket with a plug. A good product should require a certain amount of force when inserting and pulling the plug and socket. Products with a loose plug feel are most likely to have poor contact between the plug and the socket, resulting in false connection and ignition

3. Judge the quality of the product by observing the metal electrode sleeve inside the jack. The electrodes of good products, whether zero, fire or ground electrodes, should adopt high-quality phosphor bronze electrodes, with smooth surface and the color of copper's unique red; Some inferior products often use brass, iron, aluminum to replace phosphor bronze, through electroplating to cover up the color and state of the material itself, so as to achieve the purpose of confusion

4. The shell material of high-quality socket is made of high-temperature resistant and high flame retardant materials, with uniform color, generally light gray, without black spots and other mottled spots. In order to save costs, inferior products often add some recycled waste or garbage materials to the materials, and the products produced are basically non flame retardant. In order to cover up the black spots produced by impurities, a large number of colors are added to cover up, and the appearance colors are often inconsistent

5. Because it should meet the requirements of electric shock protection in national standards, the smaller the shape, the better. In order to save materials, some manufacturers often design the whole product size to be very small, which makes it easy to have the risk of electric shock caused by unipolar insertion in use





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