Small world big dream Rouran children's wallpaper

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"Childhood" is a warm word: childhood is the wind, blowing clouds; Childhood is a cloud that turns into spring rain; Childhood is rain, nourishing the newborn flowers; Childhood is a flower, accompany me to see the sunset glow at dusk

from khroma, an old wallpaper factory in Belgium, the world's first overall supporting scheme for children's room wallpaper and fabric art. It is suitable for children over 7 years old. Its biggest feature is the innovative theme and the entertainment spirit of DIY Each mural has a strong theme and imagination. Huge sunflowers grow into the sky, and trees poke out branches from the castle... These supporting wallpapers, murals and stickers of different series can be freely matched and selected, bringing infinite imagination to children

process and material

1. Exquisite gravure printing technology depicts rich multi-dimensional associations in understatement

2. Pure natural cloth pulp fiber material, environmental friendly and pollution-free, with fine luster and soft feel like lamb skin; Natural cotton and hemp fiber substrate, experiencing natural breathing; Water based ink printing is the best expression of natural color

3. Fabric fiber material has good air permeability, environmental protection and strong flexibility, which is conducive to construction

home matching

1. Furniture: Children's furniture

2. Fabric art: it is recommended to use the fabric art matched with wallpaper, pure natural materials

small world, big dream. Add a warmth to the room and a color to life. It turns out that happiness can be so simple





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