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Yimi Yuntong: it's too difficult for buyers on the double 11 vs. smart voice support

but this time I feel that the young partners around me hate more

on the Internet, there are many people who complain about the "double 11" discount routine this year. Don't I just want to buy something? It's really difficult for me to make it as complicated as the Mathematical Olympiad. Many friends agree with this. On the surface, it seems that both platform and store activities have really saved a lot of money in the double 11 shopping discount, but the reality is that after all the concessions are operated in a time-consuming and laborious way, the final price may be only 30 yuan less than usual when settling

the picture comes from the Internet

according to the data of the first three quarters of 2019 released by the National Bureau of statistics, the national retail sales reached 7323.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 16.8%. But if we combine the retail sales of social consumer goods in the first three quarters of recent years, 3 It is not allowed to dismantle the oil source and pipeline casually. According to the data of retail sales and year-on-year growth rate, the growth rate of retail sales has begun to show a downward trend since 2017. The development of the national retail market is not ideal for taking out and testing devices that have been put in longer time. But even so, the routine of e-commerce platforms and businesses is still endless. Buyers' mood of spending money to buy things is passed back to the math examination room of the college entrance examination again and again, and their shopping enthusiasm is gradually eroded, or even exhausted. How can we keep the charm of the double 11 shopping Carnival in the future

instead of focusing on the routine, it is better to iterate and upgrade the marketing model. In fact, the "double 11" is the best time for a customer-oriented e-commerce platform to achieve a win-win situation in marketing performance and service reputation. Take Yimi Yuntong, a professional intelligent voice platform service provider that customizes intelligent voice solutions on these groups' medium-sized e-commerce platforms, as an example. Yimi Yuntong cooperates with operators in 26 provinces and 300+ cities across the country to carry out regular business, high-quality ASR voice recognition, NLP natural language understanding, and highly humanized TTS voice synthesis, which can not only support high concurrent calls, but also ensure the quality of outbound calls. Yimi Yuntong believes that building an intelligent voice platform can help e-commerce platforms easily cope with the soaring business volume during the double 11

human-computer customer service cooperation to truly realize the 24-hour hot sales of the "double 11" event

in the face of the high traffic impact and sharp exposure of the "double 11" event, many e-commerce platforms worry that under the dual effects of large traffic and large promotion efforts, consumers will find Bridgestone World Solar Car Challenge after placing an order. Manabu Kimura, the late founder of GH craft, has received large-scale negative comments on his lifelong task because of his network, logistics and customer service after-sales ability, In fact, this key point also lies in the lack of human resources during the double 11. Then, in response to the urgent problem of e-commerce platform, the MI dialect intelligent voice robot independently developed by Yimi Yuntong can not only help the e-commerce platform establish a standardized service system, make the business more accurate, higher quality and more efficient, but also reduce the high labor cost, which can be described as killing many birds with one stone

the application scenarios of meter phone intelligent voice robot in e-commerce platform mainly include intelligent re purchase/additional purchase and intelligent reminder. Take the intelligent re purchase/additional purchase as an example. In multiple rounds of dialogue and response with customers, the meter phone intelligent voice robot can actively guide the re purchase/additional purchase process, automatically label and group the intended customers. In case of any difficult problems or high intention customers during the call, it can be directly transferred to the telemarketing personnel for follow-up without interruption. The computer screen of the telemarketing personnel will automatically pop up the robot dialogue process of real-time transcription, There was no sense of disobedience throughout the call. The final sales results will be automatically generated immediately after the end of the call, and the list of intended customers will also be updated. In this way, while greatly reducing the labor cost, it can also intelligently target the precise customers. In the past, such marketing effect and daily order volume could not be achieved by mass product promotion information alone

in addition, in terms of intelligent reminder, the meter phone intelligent voice robot can independently complete customer touch and remind, and according to different business conditions, the meter phone intelligent voice robot will also choose the corresponding call strategy, so that it can respond to the buyer's needs anytime, anywhere for 7*24 hours, making the buyer feel better

at the end of the double 11, the customer return visit should be handed over to the meter smart speech robot

the meter smart speech robot, which integrates the functions of semantic recognition, data analysis, data reports and so on, can decompose the different work contents at different stages of e-commerce platform member services, such as identity verification, member notification, product renewal, satisfaction survey, old customer recovery, etc., so as to make the enterprise's member marketing systematic and easy to manage. This undoubtedly shares the heavy customer follow-up work after the end of the "double 11" period of the platform. Similarly, when encountering difficult problems, it can be transferred to the manual customer service for follow-up at any time. The whole communication process is almost the same as the manual member service process. The final after-sales service results will also be output and sorted out immediately at the end of the call, which is convenient for managers to follow up

in recent years, the customer acquisition cost of e-commerce platforms has increased seriously. The e-commerce industry urgently needs disruptive technologies to slow down the decline in the growth rate of online retail sales and realize the innovation and transformation of the industry. Instead of asking buyers how to solve the problems during the "double 11" festival, it is better to solve the problems that e-commerce platforms need to solve. For example, choose the intelligent voice solution developed by Yimi Yuntong to deeply explore more marketing opportunities and improve the conversion rate of orders and customer experience satisfaction to the extreme

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