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In recent years, with the increase of high-rise buildings in Yining, the "faces" of high-rise buildings are also changing. In addition to unique and colorful shapes, the most obvious thing is that more and more buildings are decorating glass curtain walls, which has become a beautiful landscape in urban buildings. These glasses are not ordinary glass, but special glass after tempering, Some of the special glass comes from local enterprises in Yili

special glass is widely used

special glass mainly refers to the production of tempered glass products with strong hardness, non fragile, non injurious, high safety factor and good energy-saving effect, such as coating, glue, bullet proof, hollow energy-saving and heat preservation, after deep processing of fragile and injurious flat glass and float glass. Because the safety performance of tempered glass is stronger than that of ordinary glass, it forms granular after crushing, which minimizes the injury caused by glass crushing. This kind of tempered special glass is also called safety glass. With the development and popularization of new energy-saving building materials, special glass has been widely used in more and more fields, especially in the construction field

since the regulations on the administration of energy efficiency in civil buildings was promulgated and implemented in 2006, safe and energy-saving special glass must be used in buildings with more than seven floors in the mainland. From May this year, Urumqi began to implement the regulations on the use of safe and energy-saving glass for the external wall insulation materials of new projects. Although the State Administration is vigorously promoting the use of exterior wall insulation materials, as an important part of exterior wall insulation materials, special glass is not widely used

fill in the blank of Yili special glass

last year, Yili Sulu tempered glass Co., Ltd. and Yili Zhengjia special glass Co., Ltd. were successively established in Yining border economic cooperation zone through investment attraction. The production of these two special glass production enterprises ended the history of no special glass production enterprises in Yili River Valley and filled the blank of local demand for safe and energy-saving glass products. According to the original design, the annual production capacity of the two glass deep-processing enterprises separated by a wall can reach more than 1.5 million square meters, marking the beginning of the Yili special glass industry

with the increasing investment in infrastructure in recent years, the demand for glass in Yili River valley construction industry is increasing. According to the prediction of insiders, the annual use of glass in Yili River Valley is about 1million square meters

"the energy-saving glass not only has good light transmittance, but also has the functions of heat insulation, heat preservation and noise reduction. Its UV resistance is much higher than that of ordinary glass. However, the utilization rate of Yili energy-saving glass is relatively low, and many ordinary glasses that should be eliminated are still in use." Liu Qi, general manager of Yili Zhengjia special glass Co., Ltd., believes that the special glass industry in Yili River Valley has just started. With the government vigorously promoting special glass with high safety and good energy-saving effect, the market demand will show a geometric growth trend in the next twoorthree years

after the promulgation and implementation of the regulations on the administration of energy conservation in civil buildings, people's awareness of energy conservation has been improved and the development of special glass, especially hollow energy-saving glass industry, has been promoted. As an industry supported and encouraged by the state, the glass industry will develop into a processed product with high quality, green, multi-function, high added value and high-tech content, and become a hot investment field in the future

the market competition is fierce

however, the good wishes and cruel reality always run counter to each other. The two special glass production enterprises have to pay 1200 yuan of layout fee since they put into production; It can also be recommended to SCI journal special issue advancesin materials science and engineering included in SCI; Since then, the business has been booming for only one year, and the unpredictable market has broken their dreams

on June 26, in an interview with Sulu tempered glass Co., Ltd., the factory director jiangpenghui saw the leading sentence: "this year's market is not as good as last year."

jiangpenghui attributed the poor market to two reasons: first, the market competition is too fierce. Second, under the control of the national macro policies, many real estate developers can not borrow money from banks and have no money to buy building decoration materials, which directly affects the sales of special glass. "There is a market capacity, and many customers come to our door, but these projects are worth millions each. The prerequisite is to advance funds. We dare not do it."

jiangpenghui said that the fierce market competition is due to the competition not only from Urumqi counterparts, but also from mainland counterparts. "Some salesmen from other places have confused half of the market by means of unfair competition."

"our company can produce 15000 square meters of special glass at full load every day, but now the three production lines are in unsaturated production." Jiangpenghui said that at present, the daily production capacity is only 700-800 square meters, which can only guarantee the principal. "We can only place our hopes on the peak demand season in the second half of the year." Facing the chaotic market, jiangpenghui seemed helpless

like jiangpenghui, there is also Liu Qi, general manager of Zhengjia special glass Co., Ltd., separated by a wall. "I haven't received the list for more than ten days." Liu Qi said

at the beginning, after investigation, Liu Qi thought that Yili energy-saving glass had a broad market prospect. In view of the large indoor and outdoor temperature difference in winter and summer in Yili, the company introduced a production line for hollow energy-saving glass. However, after the production line was completed, he found that the situation was not what he had imagined

why can't energy-saving glass be popularized? Liu Qi believes that Yili's market is immature, the relevant national regulations on the use of safe and energy-saving glass have not been enforced, and the supervision of special glass is not in place. As a result, some developers are still using unsafe and energy-saving ordinary glass in order to reduce costs. Some foreign special glass manufacturers are shoddy, resulting in a mixed market

"the national macro-control policy on real estate has affected the special glass industry to a certain extent." However, Liu Qi believes that the market reshuffle after the painful period is conducive to the healthy development of the industry in the long run

"in the past two years, Yili's local powerful real estate developers have also begun to gradually use safe and energy-saving glass. Energy-saving glass has been used in the new projects of Yingjian and Renhe real estate development companies." Liu Qi said that in addition to the improvement of people's awareness of energy conservation, the extensive use of new energy-saving materials by some well-known domestic real estate developers has also played a certain role in promoting the local economy

in the face of fierce market competition, Liu Qi also felt great pressure, "For a Wanrong square project, there are more than a dozen enterprises bidding. There are sevenoreight or ten special glass enterprises in Urumqi. The change torque and angle of the spring change experimental machine are digital display, and the angle measurement adopts the angular displacement sensor (photoelectric encoder) It can automatically correct the angular displacement of the torque sensor. The machine also has the functions of peak value maintenance, overload protection, stiffness calculation, result printing, data query and so on. Manual loaders seize the market in Ili. Some mainland special glass manufacturers also have offices in Ili. "

"except that the product quality is guaranteed, there is no difference in price with foreign enterprises." Jiangpenghui explained that although the freight of raw materials imported from the mainland by Urumqi enterprises is low, it is inevitable that the finished products will be damaged on the way to ILI, and it will take a long time to patch them; Although the freight of raw materials of local enterprises is high, they can patch the broken glass at any time in a short time. The two offset each other, so there is no big difference in price

"many curtain wall decoration companies are from other places. They have certain purchase channels. Although our products are certified, it is difficult for them to accept them." Liu Qi told me

it is urgent to standardize the market.

like Sulu, Zhengjia's production line is also in an unsaturated state. "The annual production capacity of our enterprise is between 350000 and 400000 square meters, but on average, half of the actual production capacity is less than one year." Liu Qi said that the difference between the low and peak seasons of Ili market is too large, the market is uneven, the low season is long, and the peak season is short, which makes it difficult for enterprises to make profits. The most regrettable thing is the waste of equipment, resulting in a waste of production capacity. "The equipment for producing hollow energy-saving glass is now producing ordinary glass most of the time, and the difference between the hollow glass and ordinary glass production equipment is millions."

These instruments can indeed be tested

"although the profit of ordinary glass with low added value is low, we can't help doing it. High added value products also want to do it, but the risk of advance money is large, so we dare not do it." Liu Qi said reluctantly

due to the disorderly competition in the market, Ili, the two newly-built special glass manufacturers, have had a hard time. Liu Qi called on the government to provide corresponding support policies. Relevant departments should strengthen market supervision, formulate relevant standards, and clean up unqualified products in the market. At the same time, relevant departments should implement relevant national policies on energy conservation and environmental protection, and vigorously promote energy-saving glass

"do a good job in service, quality and delivery." Jiangpenghui said that in the face of market competition, this is their only way to deal with it at present

although enterprises also encounter many difficulties, Liu Qi believes that if they survive the most difficult period, a well behaved enterprise will surely make profits

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