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Yimi Yuntong: solve the problems in the education and training industry in a simple step

education and training is a sunrise industry forever, and k12 education and training is the biggest cake in the sunrise industry. Students and parents are always happy to make up for the poor and cultivate excellent students

although the prospect of the industry is optimistic, the industry is seriously homogeneous and the market competition is fierce. At present, the first dilemma K12 institutions are facing is the enrollment problem. In order to grab students, there are frequent price wars, low prices and even free prices among institutions. Similar means of making profits and attracting customers may be able to quench the thirst for a while, but if the institution has no differentiated service, high-quality teaching team and good teaching reputation, even if it is a temporary low price in the industry, parents may not be crazy about the low price. The long-term adverse competition, not to mention the long-term operation of institutions, is a big problem in terms of the current continuation rate

the plan of the year lies in spring. In the twinkling of an eye, K12 has reached the critical juncture of enrollment in spring. If institutions want to win this New Year Enrollment war in their respective teaching fields, the key lies in the differentiation of teachers and products and services

first of all, K12 institutions are generally faced with a major problem: the establishment of excellent teacher teams. Especially for small and medium-sized institutions, it is not easy to recruit students, and it is even more difficult to recruit teachers. How can we retain teachers when we recruit teachers

retaining teachers

1. Expanding the scale effect of single teachers

because as long as institutions can improve their teaching for teachers, they will also infringe the scale effect of machine parts, earn higher income for them, and establish better expansion space. For teachers, it means more large-scale teaching, better value expression, and richer returns. At the same time, it can also bring more students and profits to the institution

2. Ensure that the departure and retention of teachers will not affect teaching

on the one hand, institutions should ensure that the teaching level of experienced teachers is controllable, on the other hand, they should also ensure that teachers with weak independent teaching ability can teach according to standard teaching materials. On the one hand, it is necessary to avoid the famous teachers from leaving the institution to work alone; on the other hand, it is necessary to make the teaching level tend to be balanced and protect the teaching interests of the institution

secondly, the differentiation of K12 institutions mainly includes teaching innovation and service as king. The teaching innovation of institutions not only needs to work hard on the teaching concept and teaching mode, but also needs to pay more attention to the construction of high-quality services

why should we provide good service? In order to go deep into the minds of users

because education and training is a sunrise industry of the whole society, and its particularity of serving people, the majority of education and training institutions need to have a set of high-quality and efficient service mechanism to ensure their competitive advantage in the industry

service response mechanism

the current enrollment method in the education and training industry: first, active outbound sales, attracting students by introducing courses; Second, approach students and parents through market promotion activities, and obtain students face-to-face; Third, through the word-of-mouth effect of students and parents, stimulate old students to lead new students. Either way involves the service response mechanism

in the above enrollment/management process, many K12 institutions often encounter the following problems:

problem 1. In the peak enrollment season, a large number of new students need to be added for telemarketing enrollment in a short time. The traditional fixed line cabling has long time cycle and high cost

problem 2: during the enrollment activities, the amount of institutional consultation surged, and the traditional landline was easy to be occupied, resulting in the failure of consultation, which affected the enrollment work

question 3: the original student management system has no voice function. It is inefficient to input information in the system after dialing manually

problem 4: the student information is open, which is very easy to cause the loss of student information due to the flow of company employees

problem 5: the consultation is objectively easy to cause errors/complaints/situation feedback, lack of call recording, no basis, and can not trace the source

question 6: teachers/employees contact students privately, which is not conducive to the unified management of the organization

question 7. Teachers/employees need to pay regular return visits to students, and it is difficult to make statistics of students' feedback information

similar problems are not only detrimental to institutional enrollment and student management, but also seriously affect the service feelings of students/parents

1. In view of the service malpractice of intercepting more than 200-250mm from the inspected metal wire in the enrollment process, how can K12 institutions effectively improve the service response mechanism and improve the overall service level

easy welding technology, casting/casting technology, material mixing (die-casting products)/bonding technology, others; The two product series of cloud call center and intelligent voice platform under miyuntong start from the aspect of voice communication. With excellent product advantages and rich product functions, it effectively helps institutions to break through the defects in services


1. Cloud call center: cloud deployment technology without hardware cost; The deployment cycle is short, and the number of seats is increased or decreased as required

II. Customer service: quickly provide high-quality and lightweight service experience to ensure that the line is not busy or missed for 24 hours

III. intelligent voice platform: connect with the student management system to enable them to have voice ability and realize one click call, which is fast and efficient

IV. number protection: realize student information hiding and effectively protect corresponding information

v. call recording + call recording: establish an effective basis for each service feedback and help improve the service quality of training institutions

VI. switchboard extension: provide teachers/employees with straight-line numbers and display the switchboard number externally, so as to unify the organization image and realize one-to-one contact

VII. CRM: batch import and manage customer information, help institutions effectively manage the course progress and after-school feedback of each student

of course, the product services of Yimi Yuntong are far more than that. We are committed to using the power of voice communication to break through the difficulties of the industry, improve the service quality of the industry, and help the sustainable and positive development of the industry

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