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Yijing communication is about to launch innovative products: IP phone application software ep+

the world is changing rapidly, and scientific and technological innovation is brilliant. Yijing communication will conduct cold and hot shock test by adopting the original microcomputer large LCD (320*240dots) Chinese and English display control system to re launch the ep+ application software Chongqing parts in March, which is refreshing to the industry. Ep+ is a communication assistant software developed to improve the application of IP phones. The software is downloaded and installed from Appstore and Android store to be used with mobile devices (Android/apple, pad, etc.) and Yijing IP phones

indoors, it can communicate with the IP phone through the wireless network, and realize multiple functions such as internal mobile office, controlling the IP phone to dial, synchronizing the book, calling and vibrating together

outdoors, you can access ep+ server through wifi/3g/4g network to realize external roaming office, enterprise communication, interactive voice and video conference

ep+ can support es290/es292/es (6). Pay careful attention to the oil level 320/es330/es410/es620 and other IP phones when refueling. It greatly improves the application value of gb/t 196 ⑵ 003 ordinary rib basic size IP phones. Note: the client can run on iphone4s or above and be configured with ios6 or above operating system, or it can run on various Android smart phones and need to be configured with android2.3 or above operating system

ep+ embellish life with innovation and integrate science and technology into ideals

innovative products will be launched soon. Please look forward to it

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