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Yili, Mengniu, Guangming, three parts of the world

domestic dairy products have developed rapidly in recent years. In 1999, the total output value of dairy products of Enterprises above Designated Size in China was 14.79 billion yuan, reaching 52.18 billion yuan in 2003, an absolute increase of 37.39 billion yuan in four years, an increase of 2.5 times. Dairy industry has become the fastest growing industry in the food industry, and has become the focus of attention from all walks of life. From the international perspective, when the international dairy development center began to move closer to China, the emerging Yili, Mona, will not be able to accurately obtain the experimental data. Whether there is a trend of "cow, bright" in the near future, we might as well take a look at the development of the three major dairy industries in recent years and make a systematic analysis of them

I The development of the three major dairy industries in recent years

Yili Group has expanded rapidly nationwide since the late 1990s to strengthen the adjustment of product structure. Before 2000, ice cream was the first in China. After 2000, Yili liquid milk was sold to the whole country, and the production and sales of liquid milk in China remained the first. At the same time, milk powder entered the top three in China after several years of operation. More than 80% of the main business income. In 2001, the main business income exceeded 2.7 billion yuan; In 2003, it completed the task of becoming the overlord of China's dairy industry in 2005 two years ahead of schedule With its successful investment in marketing and product planning, Yili won the award of "top ten marketing events in 2003" which was widely concerned by the industry and the media. In 2004, Yili achieved a main business income of 8.735 billion yuan, ranking first in the industry. In 2005, it successively created the best performance of the company and the industry. From January to September, its main business realized more than 9 billion yuan of revenue. This revenue has not only approached the target of 10billion yuan set at the beginning of the year, but also comprehensively exceeded the operating level of the whole year in 2004. At the live broadcast of the "2005 CCTV China economic annual person award ceremony", Yili's sales exceeded 10billion yuan, and Yili became the only sponsor of the dairy industry for the 2008 Olympic Games


as the best private enterprise in China, Mengniu achieved a sales revenue of 37.3 million yuan in the remaining three and a half months of its first year. With a growth rate of 1947.31%, she said: "it is interesting that she was rated the first among China's top 100 enterprises (unlisted and non state-owned holding enterprises) with rapid growth in 1999-2001 by authoritative institutions, and was praised as" Mengniu galloping ". According to the brand growth and advertising effect monitoring system of CCTV market research company According to the data in September of 1999, Mengniu brand has successfully ranked among the top three in the dairy industry. In 2000, the sales revenue was 246.7 million yuan, increased to 724million yuan in 2001, increased to 1668.7 million yuan in 2002, and jumped to 4billion yuan in 2003! The output increased from 50000 tons in the initial stage to 900000 tons in 2003. In 2004, the sales of Mengniu yogurt was 800million yuan. Through the integrated marketing with "super girl", the sales of Mengniu yogurt will exceed 3billion yuan in 2005, achieving an increase of more than 300%. In the past six years, Mengniu's sales revenue soared from 37million yuan in 1999 to 4.07 billion yuan in 2003, which is 110 times that of the former, with an average annual growth rate of 323%! Among them, the ranking of dairy enterprises in China has risen from 1116 to 2, creating a marketing miracle that surpasses one dairy enterprise on average in more than 1000 days at the beginning of its birth


Bright Dairy was established in 1996. It has maintained rapid growth for more than five years and established its leading position in China's dairy industry. At that time, it was one of the largest dairy production and sales enterprises in China, and was rated as "the most admired foreign-funded enterprise in China in 2002" and "the enterprise with the strongest social sense in China in 2002" by Fortune magazine. In 1997, Guangming dairy officially started its informatization and adopted a set of software developed jointly, including three functions: sales order, production order and logistics distribution. When the sales volume of the company soared from 800million yuan in 1997 to 1.4 billion yuan in 1999, the "bright" dairy product trademark won the Chinese well-known trademark in 1999; In 2001, Guangming dairy ranked first in the domestic dairy industry in terms of middle-class sales, sales revenue, total profits and taxes, purchase of fresh milk, production of liquid milk and yogurt, and national market share. In 2001, the company was listed among the top 50 most respected enterprises in China; In 2002, China Enterprise Confederation and China Entrepreneur Association selected and shortlisted the top 500 Chinese enterprises and the first top 100 enterprises in Shanghai

II Common development strategy among differences

it is not difficult to see from the above data that as the three most powerful dairy enterprises in China, their successful marketing and the huge domestic market demand promote the vitality of the whole dairy production. Yili, Mengniu and Guangming all hope to become one of the top 20 dairy enterprises in the world in 2010. From the domestic market to the international market, to become the world's outstanding dairy enterprise, the three major dairy industries facing the world, it is too early to say whether the domestic market is the three pillars of the Three Kingdoms, or whether one is the leader, but more importantly, it means that the three strengths share the world

Yili's market share in the domestic market is unmatched by any dairy company except Mengniu. The advantages and disadvantages of the two companies complement each other. For example, in 2005, Mengniu and Hunan Satellite TV jointly organized the "super girl" to launch Mengniu sour milk products. In combination with the "super girl voice" of "youth, vitality, self-confidence and health", Yili decided to invest hundreds of millions of yuan in marketing activities within two months as soon as the market appeared in short supply, This is closely related to the correct market positioning of Mengniu executives at that time. At the same time, CCTV sofrey survey showed that in 2005, the first mention rate of Mengniu yogurt brand jumped to 18.3% when there was a lack of information, surpassing its competitor Yili you yogurt by 3.8 percentage points, becoming the leader in the yogurt beverage market. However, Mengniu's sales in the milk powder market could not be compared with that of Yili. In 2004, Yili signed a contract with valio, one of the world's largest food enterprises with a history of 100 years, Buy out the exclusive right to use the world-famous probiotic LGG in China within five years (dairy products are the largest application field of probiotics, and they are more widely used in yoghurt products, and also spread over almost all milk products such as fermented milk, pure milk, milk powder, cheese, etc.). From January to June of the same year, Yili became the first dairy enterprise in China with an interim report performance exceeding 5billion yuan, surpassing Mengniu's 4.75 billion yuan and Guangming's 3.467 billion yuan, with a main operating income of 5.659 billion yuan. In the liquid milk, ice cream business and milk powder market, Mengniu only accounted for 4.3% of the total sales, with a market share of less than 1%, while Yili sold 659million yuan in the dairy market in 2005, of which

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