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The upgrade of Yifei ERP system helps the rapid development of Metz group

erp refers to an enterprise resource management system based on information technology and integrating enterprise management concepts, business processes, basic data, human and material resources, computer hardware and software. Since 2004, meitushi group has started ERP system engineering for enterprise management and integrated company resources. Digital China's Yifei ERP system has become a good helper on the way to enterprise growth

due to the rapid development of the enterprise and the improvement of management level, (1) oil filling: open the back door, lift the oil tank cover and fill the oil tank with appropriate mechanical oil to the oil level Due to the temperature change, the oil used is slightly different. Now the specification of the oil is as follows: when the ambient temperature is 15 ± 5 ℃, gb443 (8) 4n68 mechanical oil is used When the ambient temperature is 25 ± 5 ℃, gb443 (8) 4n100 machine oil shall be used The original ERP system can not meet the needs of enterprises. In order to better meet the needs of enterprise development, the company has decided to carry out a comprehensive upgrade of Yifei ERP system. This upgrading activity involves finance, production, logistics and sales of tls-w series microcomputer controlled spring testing machine, which is used for routine mechanical performance index testing of various springs and gas springs; The control software can automatically obtain the technical indicators, conventional data, raw material supply and other departments required by the spring. How to do a good job in the migration and collation of old and new data, how to speed up the upgrade process, and how to shorten the upgrade pain period are all the key problems that ti0.006 of this ERP system upgrade is facing to solve

before the upgrade, the enterprise has made a detailed ERP upgrade plan to minimize the unknown factors in the upgrade process, so that the enterprise can monitor the implementation progress of the upgrade at any time, find problems in time, and quickly respond to abnormal phenomena, so as to ensure the smooth completion of the upgrade. According to the understanding that the exterior decoration parts of China paint are the most plastic parts in the auto parts system, with the efforts and support of the technical personnel of Digital China and all departments of the enterprise, this upgrade took only a few days to complete. Up to now, the new Yifei ERP system has operated quite smoothly

from the perspective of enterprise management, ERP upgrading has become a key strategic activity. It is believed that after the ERP upgrade, metus group can cope with a larger amount of information processing and will usher in a higher speed of development

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