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Yimi Yuntong: I only did this to perfectly protect customer resources

as for whether there is a house, let's talk about it later

find happiness and home here-- Yihuang real estate

leads the market, and the year 2017 is the 12th year that Yihuang has been engaged in real estate brokerage. Since its establishment in 2005, the company has developed into a real estate intermediary chain brand with high popularity, reputation and influence in Luoyang, which ensures the rapid utilization of Raymond's low-cost carbon fiber. In Luoyang real estate brokerage market, which is full of brands, it has a market share of up to 35%. It was developed in Zhengzhou in 2016. At present, it has more than 100 branches in Henan Province and more than 1000 employees

problem self inspection and service improvement

in order to make customers feel more at ease, at ease and comfortable in the process of buying and selling houses; Yihuang real estate has been making unremitting efforts for more than ten years to let employees use their more professional attitude and more enthusiastic service

during this process, Yihuang kept self checking. At present, the main way of real estate brokerage is communication. So, how to standardize the communication process? How to effectively supervise the communication content? How to use more effective ways to improve communication efficiency

difficulty 1: the line is unstable

the original line cannot be used due to line problems, which affects the normal development of the company's business

difficulty 2: there is no recording of calls

brokers use private calls and cannot provide call recording. The company needs to screen the true and effective customer source information through the call supervision of business personnel, and also needs to ensure that external disputes between employees and owners are avoided in the process of business development

difficulty 3: no number protection

; The turnover of employees in the company is likely to cause the loss of customer resources

difficulty 4: the efficiency is low

before dialing the broker, the efficiency is low

difficulty 5: the cost is expensive

at present, the broker of the company has exceeded the reminder that under the conditions of installation, utilization and actual operation, 1 1000 people must be used strictly according to the standards of the instructions for the use of goods. As the number of employees of the company continues to expand, There is no preferential voice tariff package, and the monthly telephone expense is huge.

with the help of E-meter, there is no worry about communication

what are the reasons for the error of the pressure testing machine

in view of the above communication difficulties, E-meter cloud redefines the voice/communication platform of Yihuang real estate in the way of mobile Internet +saas, and plugs the wings of cloud into the real estate intermediary, making voice communication more intelligent

products used: Number Protection (API), call recording, one machine double number

difficulty one solution

system advantages: regular and reliable, stable performance

the intelligent voice open platform for cloud switchboard under E-meter Yuntong: it adopts operator level lines, regular numbers, security and stability, supports circuit calls, so that enterprises can use it with confidence

difficulty 2 solution

functional advantages: call recording, effective control

call recording: the service is based on the cloud, and there is no need to deploy hardware. Yihuang can access the call recording in real time through the open platform interface, and can also try to download the recording at any time

through the call recording function: first, filter the real and effective source information; 2、 Service disputes shall be documented; 3、 As the basis for initial housing information communication, to ensure the authenticity and effectiveness of housing

three solutions to difficulties

functional advantages: number protection to prevent leakage

number protection: the structural materials of the water purifier do not have complete requirements for plastics. The customer number is only partially displayed in the CRM system, and the real estate broker can only contact the customer by clicking and calling on the platform

each broker is separately configured with a fixed line number. When you call the customer, the exclusive fixed line number of the broker will be displayed. The customer can also find the calling real estate broker through this number, so as to effectively protect the customer's resources and ensure one-to-one efficient communication

four solutions to difficulties

technical advantages: intelligent operation, convenient and fast

click and call: connect to Yihuang ERP system in the form of programming interface. After docking, one click call can be realized through the dialing key in the system. Compared with previous calls, dialing efficiency is greatly improved

five solutions to difficulties

resource advantages: local number resources, more preferential charges

one machine with double numbers: it can not only be equipped with fixed line numbers of local operators in Henan, but also handle local operator numbers, which conforms to the rules of reduction and exemption from local operators' switchboard to the calling segment. It implements one-way billing through the cloud switchboard intelligent voice open platform, enjoys preferential charges of local fixed lines, and saves a large amount of telephone expenses of enterprises

solid guarantee for our co creation

according to the specific needs put forward by Yihuang, Yimi Yuntong configures a fixed line number for each real estate broker. The broker contacts the customer through the company's ERP system, and the customer can call back the fixed line number to find the corresponding real estate broker. It not only protects the customer resources that are crucial to Yihuang, but also protects the customer's privacy, and enables the customer to directly contact the broker

the call recording and storage function not only effectively improves the service quality of real estate agents, but also provides a solid and powerful guarantee for the 100% real houses that Yihuang has always insisted on

Yihuang said: as an enterprise, it must be cautious and be ready to face all challenges. Thanks to Yimi Yuntong, it is because of you that the traditional real estate sales of more than ten years have also caught the fast train of cloud and Internet, and embraced the changes and future of the new era

Yimi said: on the road of keeping pace with the times, we use mobile Internet +saas cloud communication technology to provide you with all-round solutions and escort the rapid development of enterprises

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