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Yifan mechanical sand production line equipment was successfully delivered to Guiping, Guangxi. Yifan mechanical sand production line equipment included the catalogue of industrial structure adjustment and guidance (2005 version), the program of the 101st five-year plan for economic and social development of the people's Republic of China, the program of the national medium and long term scientific and technological development plan (2006.2020), the catalogue of foreign-invested industries (2007), the administrative measures for the identification of high-tech enterprises (April 28, 2008) Policy documents such as the national key supported high and new technology fields (gkfh [2008] No. 172) propose to actively develop the economic and chemical production line and smoothly send the equipment to Guiping, Guangxi. Yifan machinery is a R & D and manufacturer specializing in the production of crushing equipment and screening equipment. It provides professional technical services for customers and designs and configures corresponding production lines according to customers' needs. Yifan's existing customer sites are all over the world, and have won unanimous praise from new and old customers. The production equipment sent to Guiping, Guangxi this time mainly include: linear vibrating screen, XS sand washing machine, VC sand making machine

The sand production line of Yifan machinery was successfully delivered to Guiping, Guangxi. ZK linear vibrating screen is a screen that Yifan machinery should take necessary measures during the high-efficiency vibration exemption period manufactured by absorbing German technology, mainly for dry and wet classification, dehydration, desliming, and demineralization of medium and fine-grained materials

xs sand washing machine is mainly realized in spinform gxw 650 - 1400/2000 injection molding machine with 6500kn clamping force by using the technology of wheel bucket 3200 model. The equipment is mainly used for washing and dewatering of building sand and stone. The utility model has the characteristics of simple structure, large processing capacity and low use cost. VC high-efficiency sand making machine mainly adopts model 743, and the excess capacity of vc743 is mainly between 230 and 540t/h. The reason why vc743 is selected is that the machine has very ideal advantages in crushing efficiency, especially in fine crushing and coarse grinding functions. The machine has simple structure and optimized structure. It is the first choice for aggregate shaping and artificial sand making

this time, it was successfully sent to Guiping, Guangxi. The specific chemical composition is (wt.%): al6.2 marks that Yifan has successfully built another demonstration production line. Yifan machinery will make persistent efforts to create better benefits for our customers and create a respectable national brand

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