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Yili paint has passed Weifang safety standardization level III

in order to implement the national laws and regulations on work safety and relevant standards and specifications, promote enterprises to continuously improve the level of work safety, meet the safety standards, and realize the essence, the following are common: safety. On October 25, 2010, Yili paint Co., Ltd. accepted the on-site assessment and rating of safety standardization by Weifang administration of work safety in Shandong Province. Wang Xiaofei, general manager of the company Zhoumin, the director of the production plant, engineer yuan of the technology department and other relevant department directors participated in the review and assessment

the review and inspection team listened carefully to the company's work report on work safety this year to create an environmentally friendly, comfortable and clean environment, carefully examined various work safety management accounts and data, and went to the workshop production site, oil depot, storage, power distribution and other places for inspection, which fully affirmed and appreciated the work safety of our company, It is believed that Yili paint company has been conscientiously implementing various safety work requirements of the superior for many years. The company has a strong safety production atmosphere, solid basic safety management, good safety management at the production site, and the safety situation has always been in a good controlled state, which fully conforms to the national safety production supervision standards

finally, the review team put forward some other requirements for the company's current safety production and safety work in the next stage: while implementing the main body, the enterprise should further promote the enterprise's infrastructure construction under ordinary conditions. In fact, the former does not require users to pay attention to improving the enterprise's safety management level at all levels, deepen the hidden danger investigation, and strictly prevent the occurrence of various hazardous chemical safety accidents, And make due contributions to the security and stability of the whole city

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