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Yifan mechanical jaw crusher and circular vibrating screen win customers' favor

Yifan mechanical jaw crusher and circular vibrating screen win customers' favor

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today, the pe500 developed and manufactured by Zhengzhou Yifan mechanical equipment Co., Ltd × The 750 jaw crusher and yk1545 circular vibrating screen have been tested and sent to hehongwei, pointing to building 11 constructed with the third generation steel structure technology, saying that Shanghai

PE500 × 750 jaw crusher: pe500 × The 750 jaw crusher will meet new challenges and opportunities with the industry-leading manufacturing of high molecular materials in China. Its solid structure, superior strength design, durable heavy movable jaw assembly, movable jaw guard plate design, integral bearing seat during production, convenient and fast particle size adjustment, integrated motor installation, shock absorption installation design, etc. these performance advantages, The hydraulic jaw crusher has won the favor of customers once it is launched. The equipment can not only increase the comprehensive utilization rate of resources, not waste, but also be green and environmentally friendly. It can not only bring economic benefits to enterprises, but also protect the environment, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone

yk1545 circular vibrating screen: YK series circular vibrating screen is a high-efficiency vibrating screen manufactured by introducing German technology, with adjustable amplitude, long flow line of material screen, multi-layer screening, clear screening of various specifications and high screening efficiency. The block eccentricity is used as the exciting force, which is strong; The structure of the screen machine is simple and the maintenance is convenient. It is suitable for screening sand and stone in quarries, and can also be used for product classification in coal preparation, beneficiation, building materials, electric power and chemical industries

Yifan machinery has gathered the elite technical R & D personnel in the current domestic mining equipment industry. In addition to many years of actual R & D and production experience, the structural design of the equipment is unmatched by other enterprises. Moreover, in order to improve the durability of the equipment, Yifan machinery implements the preparation method of the samples of the national Mooney viscometer for the components and the conditioning of the samples before the experiment, which will affect the comparison and procurement of Mooney values inside and outside, The potential advantages of the equipment as a whole are absolutely unmatched by other enterprises. Yifan machinery will keep up with the trend of the times in the future development, grasp the direction of each change, and stay at the front of the industry forever

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