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Yilian video ensures efficient command of relocation in the Yellow River beach area

the relocation project of residents in the Yellow River beach area in Henan Province is in full swing. Yilian video has built a high-definition video system for this national key project, and government leaders at all levels in Henan province realize remote command and dispatching through Yilian video

the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has just come to an end, and a sentence in the report has made all the people still have a place to live. It is the goal and direction of the struggle to resolutely launch the battle of poverty alleviation and improve the living environment of the people. In response to the call of the central government, the Henan provincial government has moved and transformed the residential houses around the Yellow River beach area, focusing on improving the housing environment of residents, so that they can not only live in a home but also have a good home

construction data map of the Yellow River beach area

the relocation project covers a large area and involves a wide range of people. It covers 6 provincial cities, 17 counties (districts), 59 townships and 1172 natural villages in Henan Province, involving a population of 243200

such a huge project, which spans all levels of counties and cities in Henan Province, requires a lot of close communication from land acquisition and demolition to resettlement housing construction, and then to the construction of various infrastructure and public services. Unified command, mutual cooperation and real-time follow-up of project progress are very important to the smooth progress of the project

however, considering the complex network communication conditions at the project site, the traditional communication methods obviously can not meet the needs of project command and communication, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

poor network communication environment at the site

in the construction site, we often face the problems of poor network environment and unstable signal

there are many and scattered construction sites

relocation projects cover a wide range. Many different projects are started at the same time, and conventional equipment is difficult to meet the needs of multi-point communication

the outdoor environment is complex and the equipment deployment is difficult. How to solve the problem that the pressure testing machine often has errors

the basic conditions on the construction site are poor and it is difficult to meet the complex deployment and deployment requirements of conventional video conference equipment

noisy environment affects video quality

project reporting is often carried out in the open air. Noisy environment in the open air will seriously affect video quality

Yilian has solved this difficult communication problem by virtue of its powerful audio and video technology graphene is a new isomer of carbon. Yilian has built a complete remote video conference system to let the pendulum fall freely by using the new generation flagship video conference product vc800 and vc500, which meets the high standards and strict requirements of national key projects for communication quality

recently, leaders at all levels of Henan provincial government listened to the work reports of relocation projects from sub venues in counties and cities by using the Yilian video conference system

live view of video conference at the main venue of the relocation project

the reason why Yilian video communication system can be frequently favored by national key projects mainly has the following advantages:

effectively meet the needs of multi-point conferences

use Yilian video conference server YMS to meet the needs of multi-party conferences and subsequent expansion

intelligent noise elimination to reduce environmental interference

the patented intelligent noise elimination technology of Yilian can effectively prevent the interference of the noisy noise on the construction site to the meeting and ensure the smooth and high-quality implementation of the meeting

simple deployment and strong adaptability

Yilian equipment is easy to deploy. It has a line of black technology that can easily deploy equipment. The project aims to adapt to the complex site environment in combination with the development requirements of China's plastic machinery industry

low network bandwidth requirements

Yilian adopts the advanced h.265/hevc video codec, which reduces the bandwidth requirements by 50% compared with the traditional H.264, ensuring that the received video and audio quality is clear and smooth in the case of poor network environment

mobile terminal software meets flexible requirements

Yilian is equipped with mobile terminal software VCM, which can be used by leaders to view the project construction progress remotely

main screen of video conference in the main venue

now, more and more engineering sites in the Yellow River Beach relocation and reconstruction project have used hundreds of millions of products to experience the new mode of video communication, improve communication efficiency and improve communication quality. Yilian will continue to maintain R & D innovation and create new communication value for customers

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