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Recently, a two-color water-based printing slotting machine of Yilite printing No. 1 branch has been repaired, maintained and maintained by the company's maintenance personnel. Now, its products are spreading all over the country and exported to all parts of the world. Caifeng company of Yilite Printing Co., Ltd. is having a spring festival in other places

this water-based printing slotting machine was purchased in 1996. In 2002, due to the changes in the yellow plate box market, the two-color machine could not meet the production, and the equipment was aging, resulting in poor precision of printing. A four-color water-based printing slotting machine was purchased, which has been idle

this year, Caifeng company prepared to build a yellow board box production line. In order to save costs, general manager Wang Qiang immediately decided to reuse the idle equipment

this important task fell to the four maintenance personnel of the first printing branch. Facing the rusty equipment that has been idle for 6 years, the maintenance personnel are at a loss. It is time to let the equipment run again and check the work level. The manager song tijun and the maintenance personnel Wang Zhiyu, chenxiaoping, lijunxin and Gao Haili are secretly determined to complete this task

chenxiaoping said: many difficulties were encountered during commissioning. One roller was seriously worn, but it was not possible to replace two rollers. The roller surface renovated by the original manufacturer was uneven, and the ink on the printed cartons was uneven. It took a long time to solve this problem

replace the rubber roller, clean, overhaul, and clean every part of the equipment, even every part and every screw. From the transmission part, to the electrical circuit, to the adjustment of the roller spacing, they came to the equipment immediately after the daily work was completed for more than 20 days. They thought, cleaned and debugged repeatedly. Anyone who has time can do it. There is no one to give in. There is no one to rely on. Everyone consciously and actively comes to this equipment to give full play to their strengths. Four people lie on the machine. Sometimes they spend threeorfour hours lying on the machine. Sometimes they are busy after 9 p.m. and sometimes they can't go home at 10:30 p.m. They also took the initiative to work overtime. For more than 20 days, everyone focused on this device

the maintenance team did not smile until they saw that the equipment printed cartons that met the design requirements

in view of the professionalism of the maintenance team, Yilite printing company rewarded its 5000 yuan people, "you must have a deep understanding of resin.

battery, electrolyte and other experimental machines are the" ancestor "of the experimental machine family and upstream industry chains such as diaphragm industry will bear the pressure of price reduction in the future

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