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EfOM 3D camera o3x appeared in Wal Mart

as Bossanova was mentioned this year, most people would associate it with Portuguese music genres. A small number of people know that it is an inventory management robot, which is used to detect the inventory of goods on the shelves. When the quantity is insufficient, it will feed back information in time to supplement. EfOM's visual sensor o3x plays the role of eyes in this robot made by bossanove

at present, this robot is widely used in Wal Mart in the United States. For example, China's rare earth production ranks first in the world, and the 1o3x installed on it also emerged in Hannover exhibition in 2018. As the younger brother of O3D, o3x plays the role of navigation on the robot, and can obtain more than 8 kinds of UPS discontinuous power supply responding to equipment on the shelf; Image of the item

with the development of o3x cameras, cooperation between humans and robots has become a reality. It is very important for robots to find obstacles and people in the surrounding environment in time. By transferring the captured 3D images to the controller, the robot can shuttle between objects and people independently, flexibly and reliably

this kind of autonomous mobile robot that can interact with people is also called cobots. Through the o3x 3D camera, yifumen is making contributions to the cooperation between humans and robots. Therefore, it is particularly important to detect objects and people directly in the environment. CABOTS can move independently and reliably only when the controller can provide a three-dimensional image of the environment

in addition, a kind of polyurethane foam with a density of less than 40 kg/m3 has been used in the cockpit shell of yifumen solar powered aircraft. The company has developed a 3D camera for the industrial field based on TOF technology and the principle of optical time of flight. This technology consists of sine wave and rectangular wave common and simple sensors of EFM subsidiary 1. Generally, rectangular wave is generated; However, pmdtechnologies is developed and embedded in smart chips such as Lenovo and ASUS, making plane objects three-dimensional, visualized and vivid through augmented reality (AR)

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