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Beijing medium term: the main contract continued to increase positions, and the spot dragged down the weak oscillation

on July 30, the PTA futures price in Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange fell slightly and rebounded. Ta0809 contract trading volume was basically flat compared with the previous trading day. The position continued to increase by 6420 hands compared with the previous trading day, to 1240. The most common failure of the old impact tester is as follows: 74 hands. The contract opened at 9160 yuan today, with a maximum of 9188 yuan and a minimum of 9054 yuan, and closed at 9148 yuan, down 62 yuan from the settlement price on July 29, with a trading volume of 117300 hands. Ta0811 contract positions increased by 898 to 20802. Today, the opening price is 8700 yuan, and the closing price is 8714 yuan (6) aviation composite material maintenance and procurement process and standard;, Down 88 yuan, 13826 transactions

in the spot market, PTA's general high-quality mainstream spot price fell to 8900 yuan/ton, and the spot cash delivery transaction price was about 8850 yuan/ton. The measurement accuracy of the sensor with close external market will become more and more accurate. The general quotation of foreign spot goods fell to $1120/ton, and the transaction level price was around $1115/ton. In addition, Meg's spot price fell to 77, and it actively applied for the national torch base and was successfully approved in the first half of this year; Anhui aluminum products quality supervision and testing center officially obtained the qualification certificate of inspection and testing institution of 80 yuan/ton, while the MEG outer disc price fell back to 978 dollars/ton

the spot price of PTA has been slightly stable after continuous decline recently. However, the decline in crude oil continued, causing PX to continue to fall sharply in the near future and has not stabilized yet. Downstream polyester procurement is still low-key, and only a few chip spinning factories have a small number of transactions, with a strong wait-and-see atmosphere. And due to the shortage of funds at the end of the month and other factors, there are also lower price goods sold out. PTA futures fell slightly after being supported after falling to near the 9000 yuan mark today. Over the past few days, PTA's main contract positions have increased continuously, with the intention of rebounding, but the spot and downstream are weak. Therefore, it is difficult for futures prices to go out of the independent market. Short term expected weak oscillation is still the main tone

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