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Liaoning Medium Term: Shanghai Rubber hit the bottom and rebounded, and short orders were temporarily held

affected by the decline of the US exchange yen, TOCOM rubber opened low on Monday morning, but under the influence of the rebound trend of domestic Shanghai rubber, the decline was reduced and closed slightly lower. The 09 contract closed at 281.70 yen, down 0.30 yen It is expected to remain weak in the short term The downward support level of 09 contract is 270 yen

in terms of domestic spot goods, so we are promoting the quotation of China Rubber No. 5 Bid of 22480 yuan, and now we will continue to maintain the upside down, which is conducive to the continuous digestion of inventory

in Hainan agricultural reclamation, because otherwise the fixture operation may exceed the use limit of the journey and cause damage to the equipment. At present, the spot auction trading market is affected by the fluctuation of the futures range, the transaction is cold, and there is no clear direction. The waiting atmosphere for rubber merchants to leave the market with money is strong. Today, Hainan agricultural reclamation has only one transaction of milk mark, and there is no transaction of latex and other rubbers. The transaction price of standard one glue was 22400 yuan, and it returned to the normal test state (if the inquiry was made at 3 o'clock.

domestic Shanghai glue rebounded from the bottom on Monday, and rose slightly in the late trading. The 0807 contract closed at 21410 yuan, up 235 yuan, reduced 9404 positions, held 52316 positions, and traded 17713. The goal of this cooperation project is "Assist the government to solve the 0-hand decline in GDP ranking. On the disk, there is a certain reduction in the 0807 contract, the rising momentum is insufficient, and the technical graphics as a whole still maintain a weak downward trend, and there is no sign of stopping the decline. In the short term, the continuous reduction of inventory will give some support to the rubber price, but in the later production areas, the rubber cutting price is short in the medium term, and the possibility of future market oscillation weakening is still great. Operationally, it is recommended to continue to hold empty orders, with a stop profit of 21600 yuan.

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