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Meet in Chengdu and get together at the H3C 2018 navigation navigator summit

one city, one impression. Each city will give people different feelings of dumbbell shaped according to their own testing needs. When it comes to Chengdu, what do you think of at the first time

is it spicy hot pot or leisurely tea in the afternoon

is it a simple and lovely giant panda, or a warm and kind Sichuan sister

is it the sound of mahjong from the soft drizzle, or a song to walk with me on the streets of Chengdu

in addition to these existing traditional life characteristics, you may not know that in the new era of digital economy, Chengdu is still a digital city. Soon, in this city with Bashi plot and innovative spirit, a grand gathering of celebrities will be held

on March, 2018, the H3C navigate 2018 navigator summit, hosted by Xinhua Group III under Ziguang and supported by the Chengdu Municipal People's government and the Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission, will be held in the new international convention and Exhibition Center of Chengdu electromechanical century city. With the theme of mapping the digital future, this summit will bring together more than 6000 government leaders, enterprise representatives, industry experts, it professionals, media and elites from all walks of life to focus on the future and development strategy of the digital economy, and deeply discuss topics such as digital technology innovation, industrial digital transformation and upgrading, and digital ecological construction

at this summit, we will fully show the latest achievements and digital best practices of technological innovation and industrial cooperation:

2 plenary meetings and 20 even in the near future for the formula 1 race course sub forum, stirring insights

10000 square meters of exhibition area and many live viewing areas, a glance at digital youth

at present, the schedule of activities has been released. Here, we sincerely invite partners from all fields to meet with us in Chengdu to meet at the H3C navigator 2018 summit, witness the latest achievements of technological innovation and industrial cooperation, share the best practices and insights of digital transformation, and look forward to the bright future of industrial reform and economic development

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