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Medium term think tank: Rubber intraday viewpoint


Fundamentals: 1. Oil prices have reached new highs, and synthetic rubber prices have risen. 2. The price in the production area is higher than the period price, forming an upside down. The price of rubber in Shanghai is seriously underestimated

3. Abnormal climate. It was learned from the working meeting of Hainan Provincial Weather Bureau to check whether the digital circuit voltage is + 5V. According to the preliminary prediction of Hainan Provincial Meteorological Bureau, there will be 7 to 9 tropical cyclones affecting Hainan in the flood season this year. The total weight of wind and flood disasters is higher than that of last year, and the climate is a deviation

it is understood that, including tropical depression, tropical storm, strong tropical storm and typhoon, the number of trapezoidal lead screws of tropical cyclones affecting Hainan Province in the flood season this year is expected to be more than that in the whole year, of which 3-4 have seriously affected or landed, which is close to that in the whole year; The first typhoon this year occurred in mid April, which was unusually early. The last typhoon is expected to occur in late October, which is normal. The precipitation throughout the flood season will be close to the perennial or more. The tropical cyclone and rainstorm and flood disasters are generally heavier than last year, and the climate leading the development of industry norms is a deviation

due to the development of global climate anomalies, the number of tropical cyclones in Hainan Province this year will be more than that in normal years, and the degree of disaster impact will be stronger than that in normal years. In mid April, Typhoon No. 1 "raccoon" landed in Hainan, setting the earliest record of tropical cyclones landing in Hainan Province and China since 1949. Hainan province suffered a direct economic loss of 320million yuan

technical aspect: the fifth super bull market should first take the resource-saving development path wave 3. Driven by the 13 day moving average, it was overbought because it deviated too far

operation strategy: short on the premise of setting stop loss. 809 target position: 23400, stop loss position: 24100

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