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Liaoning Medium Term: the LLDPE market rose sharply, and the sharp rise in crude oil encouraged the trend

today, the LLDPE market rose sharply, and the upstream crude oil market hit a new high, boosting the domestic market trend. Domestic petrochemical enterprises have raised the factory price, which also encourages the trend of futures. Second, market sentiment rebounded, the position of main contracts increased, and transactions were more active. However, transactions in the domestic spot market are general, lacking downstream cooperation, and the rise of the futures market is limited. L0809 contract closed at 14190, up 210 points, with 3084 trading volume, 3328 positions and 492 positions

the international crude oil market is worried about the supply situation, and the oil price climbs to a new peak. Nymex5 crude oil futures rose $0.79 to $117.48, and ice5 crude oil futures based on CPS will rise $0.51 to $114.43. The riots in Nigeria have led to a reduction in crude oil production, and a British refinery is preparing to strike to threaten crude oil production in the North Sea. Is the performance parameter of OPEC's unintentional products the same? The increase in crude oil production has increased market supply concerns, and oil prices continue to break through upward

domestic spot prices rose steadily and transactions were average. Among them, the quotation in North China is stable, the quotation excluding tax of Qilu Chemical City 7042 is 13200 yuan/ton, the quotation in East China market rises slightly, and the quotation in Nanjing market 7042 is 14300 yuan/ton; The South China market is generally stable, and the quotation of 7042 in Guangzhou market is 13950 yuan/ton

technically, the l0809 contract has broken through the average suppression, and there is still room for action to build an industrialized system for the utilization of advanced magnetic materials, electromechanical and power electronic devices, intelligent robots, with a small number of single holdings

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