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Meeting again with great ambition - Wago sales conference in the second half of 2010 Wago China's twice yearly sales meeting was held as scheduled in January 2011. All sales staff gathered in Tianjin again at the beginning of the new year to summarize the sales situation in the second half of 2010 and analyze the market situation in 2011

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different from previous sales meetings, this meeting is more exciting for the construction of the project in three phases. In 2010, with the joint efforts of all employees of the company and the tacit cooperation of all departments, Wago China's performance has achieved ideal growth, and it can be said that its development in China has reached a new level. At the meeting, we heard the most word It is growth. This growth is both driving force and pressure for Wago sales staff. They have made a comprehensive review and summary of their regional work, and discussed the key and difficult points of future sales work. At the same time, the industry managers also conducted targeted industry analysis and planning. The profound and thorough analysis pointed out the direction for the sales in 2011, and made all participants full of confidence in the development of the company in 2011

during the meeting, senior engineers of the company's 5. Dynamometer friction resistance conducted product training for the sales staff, fed back the problems encountered in the sales process, discussed solutions, improved the level of the sales staff, and better served the customers. Taking the opportunity of the meeting, the top management of the company highly praised the team spirit of Wago salespersons: in 2010, everyone worked together, and the strong cohesion made us see the rising performance of Wago again. We thank every salesperson for their contributions to this

on January 13, 2011, the three-day sales conference was successfully concluded, and the new year began. We will be busy in our own jobs, working hard to achieve higher goals and meet the next glory

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