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Make an appointment in all directions Discuss the development of construction machinery under the new normal

meet for eight times On June 5, 2015, under the guidance of the national construction machinery quality supervision and inspection center, hosted by the military refitted vehicle test field of construction machinery of the Academy of Mechanical Sciences, and organized by Shandong Bada International Construction Machinery City, the "construction machinery industry development forum under the new normal" was held by Shandong Bada International Construction Machinery Expo, Held in Qihe, Shandong Province

more than 200 experts, scholars and business people from the economic field and construction machinery industry participated in the forum. The delegates discussed the development of construction machinery under the new normal in 2015 around the forum theme of "cooperation, win-win, development and innovation"

Qi Jun, President of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, was invited to attend the forum and delivered a keynote speech on "2015 China Construction machinery industry situation analysis and prediction"

for the current construction machinery industry, the sales volume of main products is declining, the market demand is depressed, and the contradiction between supply and demand is prominent; The decline of economic benefits is aggravated, and there is a shortage of funds and financing difficulties; Chairman Qi Jun analyzed that the "three-phase superposition" effect was the main reason for the large economic downturn in the construction machinery industry. At the same time, the current problems in the industry, such as the lack of use and management of construction equipment, the extensive use of extended service equipment and safety, non-standard emission equipment, the lack and lag of industry standards, imperfect and incomplete relevant systems and regulations, and the incompatibility between risk prevention and control and financing management systems and the development of the industry, also restrict the development of enterprises

although the state has successively introduced relevant policies such as shanty town reconstruction, urbanization and other infrastructure construction, as well as the the Belt and Road strategy, as well as a series of reform measures such as interest rate and reserve reduction, tax reduction and fee clearance, promotion of public investment, and stabilization of the real estate market, which have played a certain supporting and driving role in the operation of the industry's economy, therefore, considering that the industry's response to favorable policies will have a lag period of three months to six months, At present, the recovery of the industry is still not optimistic

for the judgment of China's macroeconomic trend in the next step, chairman Qi Jun proposed: we should fully estimate the risk of economic inertia decline, adhere to the bottom line thinking, and be prepared to deal with it; We should also see the advantages of China's great development potential, resilience and room for maneuver. He believed that as long as the macro-control policies and measures are in place, China is in a position to maintain the economic operation within a reasonable range. Looking forward to the future, the positioning of construction machinery as a sunrise industry will not change, and we are full of confidence in the future development

finally, chairman Qi Jun also introduced to the delegates in detail several major tasks required by the association to be carried out in the near future, including: promoting the establishment of the identification system of construction machinery, further improving and standardizing industry statistics, participating in trade negotiations and trade policy deliberations, and being entrusted by the Ministry of industry and information technology to prepare the "13th five year plan" for the development of the construction machinery industry

as the only national industry association in China's construction machinery industry, the efforts and achievements made by China Construction Machinery Industry Association to lead and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry have been highly praised and unanimously recognized by the participants

During the forum, Li Jianyou, director of the national construction machinery quality supervision and inspection center, song Chengmin, director of the macroeconomic management center of the national development and Reform Commission, Zhang Xiaochun, Secretary General of the crane branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, Guo Jinming, average president of Shandong Machinery Industry Association, Yang Shixiang, founder of digital hydraulics Liang Jie, a professor of the school of engineering machinery of Shandong Jiaotong University, and other famous experts and scholars, as well as a number of representatives of construction machinery enterprises, also delivered wonderful keynote speeches one after another. They focused on the current economic and industrial situation, made in-depth analysis from a strategic height, and put forward many constructive Guiding Opinions on how enterprises should deal with difficult situations

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