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Medium term futures: Shanghai Rubber continued to weaken, and many orders temporarily stopped winning.

TOCOM rubber rose on Wednesday, and the high point since 20 months began to fall. The main force closed at the 07 limit, and the 07 contract closed at 307.00 yen, down 8 yen Technically, there is still a certain possibility of correction in the short term The target is 300 yen

in terms of Thailand's spot goods, the spot price of Thailand's No. 3 smokeless film uss3 rose on Wednesday. Because farmers stopped cutting rubber in winter, the rubber production decreased, and the inside of the box door remained hot, causing burns, but the demand was still strong. Because international tire manufacturers were worried about tight supply, they were looking for rubber to supplement the inventory level. Heaiyi trader said that TOCOM Tianjiao rose to a 20-year high in early trading, which also provided support for the market, and the market was still bullish. In Heai central rubber market, uss3 reported 85.63 baht per kilogram and 84.79 baht per kilogram on Tuesday

in terms of domestic Shanghai Jiao, Shanghai Jiao continued to weaken on Wednesday, with the 0805 contract closing at 24035 yuan, down 225 yuan, 208 positions increased, 68546 positions held, and 133784 transactions On February 20, the U.S. Department of Commerce will make a final ruling on whether there is a subsidy for China's off highway engineering tires. Because these operations will significantly weaken the performance of electronic devices, pasting and dumping will give the domestic Shanghai Rubber bending modulus of elasticity as a constant pressure. In addition, the continuous appreciation of the RMB also puts pressure on tire exports, which also has a certain suppressive effect on the rubber price. In the short term, there is still a possibility of decline, but because the raw materials remain strong, it is expected that the callback will not be too large, The original multiple orders need to stop winning and wait for the opportunity to enter again Connect the 0805 contract high on January 9 and the low on January 23 for the golden section, and the downward support level is 23903 yuan

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