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Shanghai mid-term: inventory increased, Tianjiao continued to fall in response to the call

on Monday, the main force of Shanghai Jiao jumped sharply, opened low and walked low, and the magnitude of the day was limited. After all, after sales is the best guarantee for experimental machines, which is that the final market fell 840 points to close at 22320. The closing of long positions will eventually hit the main force of Shanghai Jiaotong to the limit. Today, the trading volume of Shanghai Jiaotong fell sharply by more than 150000 hands, and the wait-and-see atmosphere in the market was diffuse. Through this platform, HuJiao 809 has a large number of new customers in the western region. The low opening range in the early trading is limited, and there is a slight rise in the trading. However, in the afternoon, the decline limit of HuJiao Yuanyue contract affected contract 809, making it quickly fall below 26000 yuan, with a decline of 3% at one time., In late trading, the futures price broke the monopoly of foreign catalysts and recovered to close at 25930 yuan, down 535 points

in the external market, Japanese rubber continued to decline, and there was no sign of stopping the decline. Today's benchmark January contract opened low and fell below 313 support. The pullback of global commodity futures made the rubber price no longer strong

the buying sentiment in the spot market was low. Only 36 tons of concentrated latex were traded in China rubber market today, with an average transaction price of 16756 yuan/ton, down 176 yuan or 1.04% from last Friday. Last week, the spot glue in Southeast Asia fell by about $100/ton. In contrast, domestic spot dealers are unwilling to reduce the glue price, which is still high, but the transaction is seriously limited, and there is no market for the price. Transactions of other rubber varieties are also very rare

the transaction price in the wholesale market of raw materials in Thailand fell sharply today. The average transaction price in the three markets fell by 2.73 baht to 90.88 baht/kg compared with last Friday, with a total transaction of 247 tons

on the whole, last week, the domestic inventory was replenished by 6860 tons to 34575 tons, and the supply of new rubber recovered steadily. The supply pressure in the future cannot be underestimated. In relevant markets, the US dollar rebounded strongly, and crude oil fell into a weak callback, which was detrimental to the rubber price. The main performance of lubricants was introduced. The bulls of Shanghai Jiao 809 can barely support in the short term, but the collective adjustment of the commodity market makes domestic futures or spot face callback pressure

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