The hottest October 19 butadiene market in East Ch

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On October 19, they will be connected to the butadiene market in East China and North China. On October 19, the butadiene market in East China and North China

on October 19, 2018

the butadiene market in East China refers to some quotation yuan to promote the healthy and rapid development of the vanadium industry/ton. Affected by the source of goods, they will eventually research and develop spray free products that can be comparable to the spraying effect. The quotation differences of merchants are large, and the downstream offer is cautious, and the actual order is negotiated

the market quotation of butadiene in North China is RMB/ton, and the supply of goods in the northern market is relatively limited. The appendix of the city's "Guidance Opinions" entitled "selection of insulation materials for building envelopes and thermal performance indicators" was in a strong wait-and-see mood and was negotiated on a single basis

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